I couldn't be prouder

As daughter of an engineer, I may have greatest influence from my parent, but in 22 years of my life, my parent never force me to do what I want to do, they never decide things for me, they never expect me to be like what other's children be and they never have negative assumption with the journey I decided to walk through.

I would lie if I said I never make wrong decision in my life. I swear I did, but honestly I never regret it. From wrong decision, I learned how to fix things up and do it wisely later on. From failure, I learned how to be strong and to fight again. Every single experiences and moments that Allah sent to my path, I believe it is a learning process to know myself better, to discover my hidden potential and to be closer to the one who created me.

Technically, my family is technical based background except my mom (she is super woman) and my younger sister because she is still in secondary school and will be seated for PT3 exam. Other members, insyaAllah we are in the same wagon. Weeehuuuu. And our role model is my father. Whoever knew my father would recognize, he is a quiet man with ambitious mind. He always do something to his fullest and never do any tasks or jobs or projects halfway. He is a persistent man and I dare to say, whoever worked with him would like how he's done his job.

I secretly admire my dad the way he responded to problem and the way he proposed the solution, never did he threw any bad words or negative thoughts to other person. He always find win-win solution if it involved with two prides and sometime when the problem still couldn't be settled, he would be the one who sacrificed himself. I couldn't be prouder to have him as my father. I even couldn't notice how amazing he is actually. Because to be honest I didn't really know him very much when I was young. Now, as I am growing older, my image about my dad became clearer.

Things happened like this because of my dad always working outstation. If his project happened to be at terengganu, so he had to work there. If his project happened to be at sarawak, so he had to go there. He went to wherever project took him. And now, at the furthest place; South Korea. When me and my brothers were still young, we would follow where my dad go. But, as we've grown up and we needed to go to school so my dad decided to stay at one place and let him be away alone.

Since I was 10 years old, we have lived seperately. We barely have time together, no daughter-father chit-chat moments, no father's hugs and kisses for my achievements, no family celebration for birthday and no attendance for report card since he worked distant from us. I haven't had enough time to know him personally. I grew up as teenager without my dad around me but alhamdulillah Allah really protect and secure me, even though I haven't had enough attention from my dad (as a man) during my teenager phase but Allah didn't turn my heart to find any attention from other man. Maybe, my dad did pray a lot for me and for my safety, I guess. I never have boyfriend in my life and I’m still be happy ☺️

Now, I am becoming an elder woman but in the eyes of my dad, I am still his little daughter. The moment I started knowing him personally is after 19 years I live in this world, it happened while I spent my summer break at Korea and stayed with my dad for one month. Yea, that was my first experience having daughter-father chit-chat moment. It was fascinating! We went to aquaria together, we went to military museum together, we ate Uzbek's dished together, we had not-so-candlelight dinner together, we went to shopping for just two of us and many things we did together. When he went to work, I would cook and did laundry. 

He is not talkative person but he is a good listener. He is not sweet dad but he is the most caring daddy. My dad has military background as he was graduated from Royal Military College (RMC) so basically, he is a discipline father with a soft-hearted. When I was in Korea, the best memonts is I had a heart-to-heart conversation with him, when he said how he respects and loves my mom as he is being away from family and letting my mom settled everything by her own; taking care us, doing house core, managing expense and budget. He felt glad to have my mom as his wife. Yea, I could say everything she did by her own.. Hmm.

Indeed, I have a superwoman mom. I am blessed with her presence too.

Talking about my dad, something unpredictable happened to myself recently. Last week, my dad whatsapp-ed me and do you want to know what happen? Out of sudden, he asked me

His question "Pak we doc mcmana?" gave me a goosebumps all over my body. Where did he gets this information? How did he knows? Why so sudden? All the questions come like a bullet in my mind. Fuh.. Fuh.. Inhale..Exhale..Inhale..Exhale.. Well, if you know how to control your adrenaline rush, everything will be settle down onto its place. Eicehhh.

My dad is very particular about the things he wants to say. No empty talk, no rubbish chatting. Everything out from his mouth is important and informative. Or else, he is just keep silent. Back to whatapps conversation, whenever the conversation started like this, I knew something serious was happening. And before the conversation got more serious, I better put my hands up. Who knows a soft-hearted father probably turns to a stern Lieutenant if it involves with his daughter's happiness.

Moral of the story: Don't expect your father didn't know what you do. Just be a good girl if you want to be safe. Stay safe and stay cool, guys!



  1. hehe..last question tu yg rare sorang bpe nk tnye ank gadis nye..hehe
    anyway gudluck ye.. ^_^


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