Engineer di hospital

Hari ini masuk minggu ke enam aku berada di jabatan radiologi sebagai pelajar praktikal. Ramai orang yang pelik macam mana pelajar kejuruteraan boleh buat internship placement di hospital. Pelik tetapi benar! Basically, aku sudah cerita [boleh baca di sini] macam mana aku boleh tercampak seorang diri di hospital walaupun at first, aku rasa tak berapa sure nak stay here. Tapi, pejam celik sebulan telah pun berlalu dengan begitu pantas dan tinggal lagi 6 minggu sahaja lagi aku akan mengakhiri latihan industri disini. Woah!

Sepanjang aku berada di sini, banyak benda baru aku belajar. Selain enviroment di hospital ini yang memang asing bagi aku, aku belajar banyak ilmu-ilmu baru yang asing dan luar dari bidang kejuruteraan. I feel glad and grateful to be given an opportunity to be here and being lingering around with so many people and colleagues which I barely get this chance back in UTM.

Doing internship in hospital specifically at radiology department is quite tougher than I thought because of my majoring knowledge is engineering based and what I have learned in class during previous semesters is something different with what I am working now. It is related but it is something more to application to what I have learned before.

Di sini aku tidak mengadap circuit, tidak mengendalikan AC/DC generator, tidak menjumpai resistor/capacitor/inductor, tidak bermain dengan coding dan software, tidak ada encounter dengan control system problem and proposed solution, tidak bersentuh dengan elektronik components/instrument, tidak pening kepala buat troubleshoot and analysis pada complex circuit dan sudah pastinya tiada renjatan elektrik..

Apa yang ada di sini, several complete machines come with its own user friendly software, buku dan data internet untuk cari matlumat tentang function dan procedure untuk sesuatu modaliti yang ada di jabatan radiologi. Di sini aku banyak membaca dan membaca dan membaca. To be honest, I hate reading facts information especially information with lots of lots of words and I cannot stand with a thick non-fiction book that has very small fonts, its hurting my eyes! But, after several weeks doing the same thing, now I can get used to this new routine.

I can say, doing internship here has pros and cons. But, as future engineer I don't want to look the weakness side and being drowned for its disadvantage instead I try to find the oppurtunity that can improve myself, skills and knowledges. As if there is no opportunity and space to learn new things then I take a risk to create the oppurtunity and set my own goals to achieve. Be brave and independent to try new thing is my motto here. Hehehe.

Alhamdulillah. Everything is from Allah blessings. I don't expect anything when I come here. I don't expect what they can give to me instead I do the math to what I already give to them and to me myself yeah that is the most important thing I guess. I have a lot of stories I want to share but as for now I just be able to write this first.

My experiences face with different community, various background study and profession levels in one building is the priceless experience I would ever have. Knowing doctor life is another point of view that changes my perspective and yea lots of things I really want to share here. InsyaAllah. Doakan aku sentiasa berada dalam good state of spiritual and physical condition. I am still struggling to be a better one. Hope AH Blog reader be at good state as well.


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