Do not stop to know yourself

I had read an article about Q.U.A.I.N.T.R.E.L.L.E. which insists me to share something with AH World. Have you ever heard this word before? Nah? If not, (I hope you don't know!) please allow me to throw some pieces of my thoughts about the meanings behind this term. Ehem.

QUAINTRELLE is a term that defines a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and a cultivation of life's pleasures.

Basically, QUAINTRELLE stands with five pillars

  • A life of passion
  • Personal style
  • Leisurely pastimes
  • Charm
  • Cultivation of life's pleasures

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A life of passion
What is life without passion? More important than money or status, passion is the driving force for a fulfilling and beautiful life. What are your passions? (Yes, you can have more than one!) Whether it’s literature, film, art, travel or food, the quaintrelle makes pursuing her multiple passions a priority in her daily life. She dedicates her working life to a subject she is passionate about and cultivates relationships with those she feels passionate towards.

Personal style
Ah, style. The grown-up sister of fashion. While fashion is fast, frivolous and (ultimately) futile, style says something about the woman you are. How you present yourself shows creativity, individuality, and self respect. And it’s not just about how you dress, either – style shows up when you pen a handwritten note, decorate your home, and wrap up a gift for a loved one. Every moment in life is a chance to express your personality and creativity through your personal style.

Leisurely pastimes
A leisurely pastime is anything you find both enjoyable and relaxing – reading a good book, sipping a hot cup of herbal tea, taking a scented bubble bath at the end of a tiring day, or going for a brisk half hour walk through the local park. These are just some of my leisurely pastimes. What is it for you? A quaintrelle will always make room for fun in her schedule, whether it’s a tennis match, meeting a friend for coffee, or perusing a new art exhibition.

Everyone can be charming, but it’s a muscle you have to stretch and train. Flirting, actually, is just being charming – but you can do it with anyone! Friends, colleagues, the barista at your local coffee shop – everyone. Smile, compliment, and be charming – others will naturally be drawn to you. Charm isn’t sleazy or false – be honest but kind, be a good listener, and make whoever you’re talking to feel like they’re the most important person in your world – that’s charm.

Cultivation of life’s pleasures
In other words, the little things – watching the sunrise on a dewy spring morning, taking your first sip of red wine on a Friday night, or downloading the latest episode of your favourite podcast. When you practice gratitude and celebrate the little things, life becomes richer and even more fulfilling. I like to keep a small notebook on my bedside table, and each night before going to sleep, I fill a page with a list of things I’m grateful for – big or small.

passion + style + leisure + charm + pleasure = quaintrelle.

From the article I read, I realize I AM A QUAINTRELLE! After 22 years old I live, I just discovered whom I am. It is still not too late to know myself, right? :) 

The only way to love my own self, is, by knowing whom I am. We cannot love something we don't know. right? Like the saying goes,"Tak kenal, maka tak cinta. Tak kenal, maka ta'aruf la."

Same goes to a long last relationship. I did ask my mom how to get a long last relationship and the love that never fade away. My mom said "Keep knowing and keep learning new things about your partner/friends no matter how long you have been together, because naturally people change, that is why you need to know them every day."

Though, I never in relationship hehe, but I agree with my mom.

Know. Learn. Love.
Do it everyday.
And that is how QUAINTRELLE lives her life.



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