Set our soul to be free

Salam ramadhan to everyone of you,

today is already 6 days we've been in this holy month. Alhamdulillah. And tomorrow is my second paper for my final examination. Make a du'a for me yea!

Throughout my life, I have faced some ridiculous phases that I've never been thought before. And one of it, rebellious phase. My teenage age is full of wondered questions. Some I already got the answer, some I still find it anyway.

I am not a good person. I did a lot of mistakes and still doing it. But, somehow I am trying to improve myself and struggling become someone better in future and at the same time I hope my existence gives benefit to people out there. Even though, it is just few people,but I wish these few people can be my witnesses and help me in the day of judgement. InsyaAllah.

Rebellious phase is the period when I feel everything's going against my direction. I feel nobody understand me. I feel no one wants to hear me. And thing I have to admit, during this phase living in malaysian's mentality sometime is quite tougher- common sense is peculiar thing for them. Some people I met, they tried to walk against culture normality but throughout the journey they lost humanity inside them. But, some people are well-performed in their journey but they lost others hands to hold together.

World is not cruel but we are. I was stuck between confusion but in somebody else's view I was trying to stop walking and make excuses. Then, when I tried to digest and want to explain, the arguments and judgments fell like bullet rain even I can't have a chance to explain. (maybe I unwillingly refuse to explain because the bullet already shot me dead)

But, today. I learn to forgive everything/everyone and make my heart at ease. I also learn to forget everything/everyone and make my move go faster. I don't want my past holds me. So, today I want to untie the ring that locked me for all this while. With His help, I want to set myself free and be free. I don't want to be shaped by human perception and expectation but only by His.

We only feel free when we know who are we and what we need to do in this dunya. And to get those answers, you have to read the manual from the one who created us because the manual is the only We-He guidance that we have, in order to survive in this dunya.

Ya muqalliban qulub, sabbik qulub ala deenik

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Marilah berusaha keras untuk ramadhan kali ini
Semoga Allah redha usaha kita dalam mendekati Dia.

Surah asy-syam

1. Demi matahari dan cahayanya di pagi hari,

2. dan bulan apabila mengiringinya,

3. dan siang apabila menampakkannya,

4. dan malam apabila menutupinya ,

5. dan langit serta pembinaannya,

6. dan bumi serta penghamparannya,

7. dan jiwa serta penyempurnaannya (ciptaannya),

8. maka Allah mengilhamkan kepada jiwa itu (jalan) kefasikan dan ketakwaannya,

9. sesungguhnya beruntunglah orang yang mensucikan jiwa itu,

10. dan sesungguhnya merugilah orang yang mengotorinya.

11. (Kaum) Tsamud telah mendustakan (rasulnya) karena mereka melampaui batas,

12. ketika bangkit orang yang paling celaka di antara mereka,

13. lalu Rasul Allah (Shaleh) berkata kepada mereka: ("Biarkanlah) unta betina Allah dan minumannya".

14. Lalu mereka mendustakannya dan menyembelih unta itu, maka Tuhan mereka membinasakan mereka disebabkan dosa mereka, lalu Allah menyama-ratakan mereka (dengan tanah),

15. dan Allah tidak takut terhadap akibat tindakan-Nya itu.

marilah pilih untuk menyucikan diri kerana orang2 yang mahu menyucikan diri itu adalah orang yang beruntung.



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