Pemergian yang dicemburui Kak Shea Rasol

This past few days, I've heard about death quite frequent. After Adik Syahid left us, then one of famous fashion blogger Kak Shearasol also left us. Her death gave impact to everyone who knew or not knowing her. I think I've heard about Kak Shearasol long time ago, at moment I start blogging. And few days before she meninggal dunia, I stalk her instagram and read her blog.

I must say, I got inspired with every single words she wrote. She is just an inspiring woman. Even I did
n't know her personally, I can see and feel what people around her and close to her say about it is true. She has kind heart with beautiful smile and happy face.

Allah. I read lot of feedback from her friends or some who knows her or been working with her, not even a single one say about bad things about her. And she died at jumaah in the most blessing month. She is honoured by Allah. I really hope I can meet her someday in jannah and tell her how amazing and inspiring she is even after she dies everyone still get benefit.

Kak Shea Rasol,
rehatlah sepuasnya.
Akak dah tak berada dalam kesakitan lagi dah.
Mesti best kan main kat dalam taman syurga tu.
Jealous tau!
Jumpa kat sana ye.
Dalam syurga.


Cantiknya kak shea!


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!