Hari pertama praktikal di HUKM

This gonna be a helpful post for junior out there (hopefully) for their future internship. Maybe some of you might know (I guess), I was 3rd year electrical electronic engineering student from University Technology of Malaysia in skudai ☺️ But if you didn’t know me, oh hi Selamat Berkenalan dong! 🙃

And for your information, Uitm and UTM are definitely different university. So please please please bear in mind, because I am not gonna repeat that again. Uitm and UTM are different university. Fullstop. The reason I am telling this fact is because there are still quite a lot of people out there cannot differentiate between these two universities. (Please beritahu your aunties and uncles eh!) Uitm is Universiti teknologi MARA while UTM is Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Fuh. Don’t let me repeat that again or I slap your butt, baby!

So, I'd just finish my 3rd year study and soon I will be in 4th year and it is my final year for my degree journey. Yeaaaaa!! Opss, too over, dear. *Switch back to the mood* 

Recently, I've been posting about my internship first day experience on my instagram. And few of my friends did ask me how my engineering study background can relate to clinical background since I am doing my internship in Hospital Univerisiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Basically, my major background is electrical-electronic engineering but starting from semester two year three, I took Biomedical electronic as my minor. So, I took subjects anatomy and physiology of human plus medical instrumentation as part of biomedic field. And next semester, I will have clinical imaging, bio signal processing, bio modelling and so on. Anything related to tools that been use in medical field such MRI, CT scan and many more. From here, my engineering background can relate with clinical background and that is how I throw myself in Hospital and medical sector instead of being in industrial company.

So, during my 3 months of internship, I will do some research about image processing in MRI machine and what it is pros and cons from others machine and what improvement I could do on it and research about it. Meaning that, my pathway to postgrad journey become clearer. HUHUHU. Maybe :-D InsyaAllah. I think maybe this is one of the reasons why my journey designed and be eased like this, maybe Allah wants to prepare me to further my study in postgrad. If that so, may Allah ease for me :-)

Generally, what I can say about this flow path that Allah made easier for me is first, you have to know where do you want to go and what potential do you have. I love biology, anatomy and physiology but I couldn't make medicine. So when I got opportunity to further some basic knowledge about medicine through engineering field, this is a must try opportunity I should take.

Apparently, I am an testimonial of student from electrical-electronic engineering background involved in clinical sector. No one believe it, I am also too. But, whenever Allah said "KUN" it will goes "FAYAKUN"

Later, I will update more how challenging this journey will be. Before that, I humbly want to ask a du'a from you guys so that this 3 months of journey of mine will be unforgettable and memorable experience and I am hopeful, I got a lot of new things to learn and my communicative and verbal skill will be improved to another level. InsyaAllah



  1. Good luck on your new adventures... Salam Aidilfitri ;)

  2. assalamualaikum, sy nk tnya, mcm mna proses nk apply intern kt situ ye?

    1. melalui universiti tempat saya belajar.. ada website untuk apply tempat intern, kemudian universiti keluarkan surat untuk hantar pada hospital.

    2. okay, got it.. thank you, so nnti mse praktikal kita under siapa ye? staff hukm ke mcm mana?

    3. under staff hukm merangkap supervisor..

  3. hi, saya nak tanya sama ada intern di hukm terdapat elaun atau tidak ye?


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