Apa yang ada disisi Allah itu lebih baik

June 26, 2017

Alhamdulillah, today is 1st syawal and every muslim celebrated Hari Raya with their own ways in joy and happiness insyaAllah. Here, your humble AH Blog writer wants to congratulate to every muslim who succeed to complete and accomplish your goals during in month of ramadhan. This eidul fitri is your celebration!

This raya is significantly different from my 21 years of eidul fitri. Why?

Because this raya, I celebrated eidul fitri without my parents around me. It quite tough at first but apparently one day had just gone by, so I could say I am survived! HuHuHu.

I am a type of family person. I am so clingy especially toward my mom. So, being away from my parents especially for a big day like eidul fitri somehow did test me ALOT! Don't mention how much tears I'd created for past few days. It's just like a waterfall dude! Duh....

However, being separated like this make me fully submitted and rely onto Allah. I felt closer to Him. My ramadhan this year was particularly different from other ramadhan. Whenever, I felt like wanting to pour and burst everything inside me, Allah made Himself the one who wanted to hear my stories the most. I would cry a river the moment I started to speak to Him. I was such a baby when I was telling everything to Him even though I knew He has already known everything, but it was such a beautiful feeling to do so and that feeling I couldn't describe.

Whenever Allah takes one part from me, He replaces another part which is much better and prettier than the one He took away from me. Alhamdulillahi ala kulli nikmah.

So, that is my two cents. Hopefully, AH Blog readers have a great time and enjoy every single nikmah Allah has given us. InsyaAllah.

So, before I end my post please allow me to dedicate my humble pantun for you guys!

Pagi raya disambut gembira
Pergi ke masjid nak solat raya
Makan ketupat janganlah lupa
Ucap bismillah dan bersyukur pada Nya

Ketupat dan rendang dijamah begitu saja
Enak dimakan sambil berbual mesra
Puasa sebulan mengumpul pahala
Habis puasa terus istiqomah ya!

Berjalan raya ziarah menziarahi
Hulurkan tangan saling memaafi
Dari penulis menyusun sepuluh jari
Mohon diampuni salah silap diri

Eid mubarak!


Not the one who wears niqab :-)

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