The most DELICIOUS Mee Curry in Skudai

May 10, 2017

After we finished our test yesterday, we drove to Taman U to fill our tummy with some foods. And there we found one stall nearby Old Town Restaurant, selling Mee Curry and ABC and other malaysian foods.

I usually order either Mihoon Tomyam or Kuew Tiaw Kungfu for my meal whenever I eat outside campus, so yeah I just order Mihoon Tomyam without thinking much more. For me, nothing can beat these two dishes okey! But my friends ordered Mee Curry, they said Mee Curry is very familiar in this stall. When I looked around, everyone was eating mee curry. So, I a bit wondered how it taste looked like.

I love tauhu with mee curry
Mihoon Tomyam Lover

Yea, I absolutely agree with them. This mee curry is so delicious!! Even I can't take my eyes away from my friend's mee curry. Then, I decided to tapau it before we went back. Hahaha.

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