Ramadhan is coming, dear!

If I am not mistaken, ramadhan is just less than two weeks more. Personally, last few days I was still confuse what goals I wanted to set for this ramadhan for reason I could keep on track to do unlimited deeds. Then, what kind of improvement I wanted to make for myself so after ramadhan leave me, I would be someone much better than before. Something I could measure so that I am not being syok sendiri or perasaan sendiri while doing ibadah for Him. 

Then, I watched this video.

Its gives me rough idea what kind of ramadhan I shall have. Thanks Allah cause sending me this video. Hopefully, ramadhan 2017 will bring me closer to You and build me to be a good practicing muslim and be better person.

Ramadhan 2017 is different from other years because I will spent half of ramadhan at my workplace. And yeah, I want to share, I already get my internship placement. Alhamdulillah. Even though, I actually haven't decide yet either to do my intern there or wait another offer because there are few reasons I couldn't state here why I still not decide yet but doakanlah semoga Allah gives the best for me. If going there will make me a better person, may Allah ease it.

To be truth, I'd been waiting this offer quite a long time but when I get it now I feel uncertain. I already discuss with my parents and they said they will support whatever decision I make. Aduh!

Shall I go or not to go?
Go or not to go.
Go or not to go.
Go or not to go.

Is anyone here, have been working at PPUKM? Can you share your experience?


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!