How I envy Vivy Yusof

There is about almost three years I have been following this energetic and stylish woman, Vivy Yusof via media social. She is such an inspiring woman I must say and I guess everyone must agree with my statement, right? I knew her through her Instagram account (@vivyyusof).

It happened when one day the boredom really hits me, I was scrolling my explore looking some interests and then there one video about Daniel was speaking to Vivy in very genuine way, yeah I must admit he has very cute and handsome feature even he is just a kid. LOL. I was so amazed how she taught her son being such a perfect boy with polite manner at his age. And guess what, I repeat the video so many time! So.Many.Time. Until I ended up, scrolling her whole pictures and me being an unpaid stalker.

My jaw dropped when I knew she had graduated from oversea uni taking law studies! As everyone know she is entrepreneur now and has quite huge empire in Malaysia plus in a way to enlarge her legacy to worldwide, I am sooo impressed how she can turn away from the course she took during her studies life back then, with who she is now. It is not an easier journey to be what she has now besides the journey she choose to fight is totally the most competitive area in this century, well who does not know what fashion is, tell me. Even kids who just 3 years old already knew what fashion is all about and they just already dress up like grown adult. Huh *sigh*

People nowadays is so into with fashion, either they are the user or the provider. From hair to toe everything is necessary to be taken care of and to look after. (except me because im living in other galaxy so i don't care much) I realized, fashion is very particular to young girl @ adult woman @ mommy @ working ladies, so no wonder why fashion grows so fast and never froze because the power of woman never dies. (I should be honest that women have soft heart and they easily get tempted with beautiful things. So fashion just fit them anyway)

Back to Vivy story, (damn! how far did I fly away from the real topic?) She has her own show that screened on Astro, but I barely watch them because you know living in university kind of 'where is the on earth you can find TV with astro?' But, when the show is uploaded on youtube, I will impatiently wait the stream fully load and gleefully watch the show. But, sometime when university data really tested my nerve and I can't say no more but wait and do marathon of vivy's show non stop.

I've read her blog and followed since then, she is good writer and storyteller. I thought I already be one of her duckkies even though I hardly try not to reveal myself as duckkies, but OPS! *roll eyes* Her story always lift up my mood and she never let me feel wanting to stop reading or to skip any entries. Seriously! I guess she poured some drugs in her writing or maybe she put some spells (or ayat guna2) so that every time I read I got high. Blame you Vivy! Ha-Ha. Well, anyway I just love your writing dear and I do believe you are really living in your writing. I really really really admire you, so please read again and again my earlier sentence. (Just hope she come across to my blog and read everything I wrote about her. And say Hi!) Neah, it's just unimaginable miracle if it truly happen.

All the best, Vivy Yusof in your life! Hope fashionValet be the greatest as it is.

And your two little cute kids, hope you guys grow up well and please just being Daniel mummy's boy and Mariam daddy's girl, okay?

InsyaAllah, one day I want will have my own stories too to be shared to young generation and inspired them just like what you did to me.

Her latest picture from her blog!



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