How do you eat NIPS?

I love chocolate VERY MUCH and one of my favorite is NIPS. I even have spontaneous habit while eating NIPS. And those who knows me well, will recognize what is the habit. NIPS has 5 different colors inside one packed. I will eat all the colors except one, I will keep the one for the best to be the last. I called that one is my color of happiness.

When I shared my NIPS with anyone, I will make sure my happiness NIPS won't be eaten by any of them. I said it to them, don't ever take that color or I won't share my NIPS with you for the rest of my life. HA-HA.

so, guess what color is my happiness NIPS? jeng.. jeng.. jeng... 


yas! the blue one! Whenever I bought NIPS I'll pray in my heart, God please give me alot of blue color so that I'll get alot of happiness today. Such a noob baby. Frankly, I never get the blue one more than 6 in one package. Maybe I should suggest to NIPS company to produce alot of blue color because making customer happy is your satisfaction right? HA-HA. 

Once ago while I enjoy eating my NIPS, my friend came to me and ask me, why I always keep the blue color for the last? Then, as usual I said the blue one is my happiness and I want keep it so that I can enjoy it at the last for mine.

But my friend made an argument that made me speechless.

I thought happiness should be shared to everyone around us so that everyone could feel happy as we feel and not to keep for our oneself because it is selfish.

ZASSSSS. I was startled. What a deep words? 

Then, my friend just walked away after threw one big stone on my head, but when I gained my consciousness I just realized I already lost two of my blue color NIPS on my hand and I knew WHO DID THISS!!

such a wicked friend! next time, I won't let you win.



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