Studying in electrical-electronic engineering


Hai everyone!
Today is my third day of midsem break
why it is so fast meh??? it is already three day. tsk tsk

I am feeling good tonight because I just bought new sneaker and sport shoe at BATA
and I got 30% discount for two pair shoes and it is just RM140++
neah, don't bother about me! It's just a happy me with new stuff.

So after 5 completed semester I've been through, what could I say, engineering is so hard and quite tough than what I have ever thought. I already failed 3 subjects and I need to repeat that subjects again. No more tears to pour anymore, sometime I just thinking of quitting. No engineering, no suffer. I guess.

But, quitting is not a solution that will solve the problem. No matter what, I just have to walk if I couldn't run, I just have to crawl if I couldn't walk. I just need to move, even it takes hundred years just for an inch away from where I am. Little by little. I always try to comfort myself to keep going and not giving up, sometime its work, sometime its takes time.

Electrical-electronic engineering in UTM is not same as E&E engineering at USM. E&E engineering is your bachelor study include electrical and electronic fields, but Electrical-electronics course in UTM, means your bachelor study will be narrowed to electronic as time goes by. In faculty of electrical engineering (FKE) in UTM, there have 3 major courses under the faculty;
1. Electrical engineering (Pure)
2. Electrical-electronic engineering
3. Electrical-mechatronics engineering

First year, every students will take basic electrical subject and no one is exceptional. And the famous subject in first year is circuit theory and it is the very fundamental subject in electrical course. Circuit theory is also known as sakit teori among the students. Hahaha. In circuit theory, I learnt thevenin theorem, nortan theorem, superposition theorem and bla bla bla. All ridiculous theorem you never believe they ever exist in this world. Trust me! At this stage, you really need good understanding for your better future. Not so much calculation but if you couldn't understand the concept and I believe you could never succeed to complete the calculation.

Second year, there will be a lil difference for pure, eletronic and mechatronic students in their subjects. Pure student will study further about power (power plant, transmission line), electronic student will study further about electronic stuff (all the tiny thingy) and mechatronic is combination of mechanical and electronic will further study about mechenical electronic stuff. At this stage, it will be tougher than the year before, you will be tested about you understanding plus, there will be a lot of calculations and formula to be remembered. I suffer a lot while in second year, the scariest subject is EMT. Yes, I failed that subject. And I have to discuss with my academic adviser either to repeat or what other step I need to do.

So as for now, I still in process regaining my momentum back. After so many failures I faced, now it is time to counter back. May Allah help me and bless me in this journey. I want to become an useful people for ummat and world. And also,please please please pray for me on getting my internship placement. I have about less than 2 months to start my internship but I haven't found any place yet.

Doakan saya ye.
Sampai sini saja, nanti kalau rajin saya cerita lagi.
With love, AH.


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!