How do puberty hits me


Hai daer blog!

today is first febuary,
Allahu rabbi..
time flew so fast without I even notice it
this year, my age will increase by one
so its mean I will turn 22 years old

somehow these days
I have been worrying about my age
I dont know, throughout my life time,
what I have been reached or gained or achieved so far
I am pretty sure there has no big accomplishment I have gained
too bad, aint?

I am still struggling with my degree
I have no money in my bank
I have nothing to rely on in this imaginary world; job, saving, etc
so many things are unsure

but one thing I learnt from my usrah back day,
to live in this world,
we have to know the purpose of our life
then, we have to understand the purpose of our life
then, we have to act the purpose of our life
and it is a process that will never end until you're dead

so what it is?
what is the purpose of our life?
things that will make us clear about what we are doing in this world
things that will prioritize everything in our system of life
things that will tie us from being far away to the Creator of the world

Surah al-baqarah 2:31 (telling about khalifah)
Surah adz-zariyat 51:56 (telling about abid)

khalifah and abid
is not as simple as its words
because behind this title
it bear a very huge responsibility

and what's matter now is
how to be a good khalifah and abid in a way Allah's desire?
so there is a long process

I really hope I can understand well how its work
but my bad
human are too complicated too handle

I am trying to be optimist
if the process doesn't work with some people,
it doesn't mean it will never work,
maybe I should try with another people,
hopefully it might work
as long as I don't give up
there are always exist some way out

because Allah Himself said
He never let His slave alone
when He close one path, He will open another path
but, our intention must count
so that the another path is the better path He choose for us
hold tight to Him
be sincere
be happy
that is all the matter

so what I can conclude with all my thoughtful mind
there are nothing to worry about what is waiting us ahead
as long as we believe who is holding everything that wait us ahead

ya muqalliban qulub
sabit qulub ala deenik

wahai tuhan yang membolak balikkan hati,
tetapkan hati ini dalam agamaMu

till then

gambar lama


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