open your heart


Hai, dear blog!
hmm, today I want to confess the thing I hate the most
actually, the thing I hate is something I am afraid to face it

I scare to be hurt
by anything or anyone

so, that is one of the reason I can't easily open my heart to anyone
I can't, to be honest.
because I know, once I open my heart and willingly to embrace something
I am so easy to break into thousand pieces
I am so easy being hurt
I feel so weak. and hopeless
I feel so weak. and hopeless
and I hate it!

but, something I realize..
human are created in hardship and live with it
because that is the only thing to make us always feel ground
be humble and always remember He is the only one the Highest

I know, when I am afraid to open my heart
I will shield myself to everyone
I will put border line between me and them
I may not being hurt
but in other way round, I hurt people around me
they have to climb, to break the brick border just to reach me
they hurt because of me

and, I feel selfish sometime T,T
but I can't help it
I always try to give a chance to myself
I allow myself being hurt
but I can't bear it for long time
I know I am wrong
I won't give to try again insyaAllah

Allah, do help me
to purify everything inside me
let Your anger be the thing I afraid the most
so that, I have nothing to be frightened except You

may all the insecurity feelings
are no longer embrace me after this
Allah guide me, please,

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Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!