No people read it


Hai dear blog!

once in awhile,
there is one of my friends did asked me about one question
love-with-no-answer-question I guess
the question sounded like this
"kau yang memilih, atau kau tak pernah buka hati"

as for me
honestly, I really don't have the answer
and the biggest matter is I don't understand me either
then how do I answer that kind of question?

but, It's normal at this stage of age
people are so overwhelmed with marriage things and questions
especially, when your own best friends are already married lately
it might pressure you enough, aint?

I am not against anything regarding marriage thingy
but, sometime I DO feel
fed up
and I want to run from this surrounding

quite sometime I DO feel
being married is the end of happy ending story
being married is the ultimate joy of life
wait! ISN'T IT TRUE?

I dont think marriage is about being happy 24/7
well, I might not fully understand the true meaning of marriage
because aku pun tak kawin lagi
so, no point if I want to give my two cent

but whatever it is
this journey is too long to be waited restlessly
more and more thing I can do
especially. to acompolish my greatest dream
to travel all over the world
then, why weigh our mind with something unsure?

the sure thing is
marriage is something that will help you to gain more pahala
but it's only happen in the right way with the right better half
it's just a tool of sex desire
and end up becoming human-alike-animal-relationship
same old same old

love and marriage is two different things
but, I still can't figure out about the significant of this two things
so, I rest my case

lets stop talking about this
and lets have one or two sips of cappuccino
till, then


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!