New Year Resolution


hai dear blog!
Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal
Entering new year is one of the blessing gift from Allah
but no celebration to welcome this new year,
just having a simple party with my books
because I have paper on Monday morning
yea, I was really enjoying celebrating new year with these old friends

well, another year Allah gives me a chance to know Him
to love Him, to be close to Him
be a better person insyaAllah
more positive vibes and slimmer than before

this 2017 version of me,
I will turn 22 years old this year T.T
how time flies so fast!!
so hopefully, the age will reflact the matured attitude of me
and I want to challenge myself to do some changes in my life
and I really hope, Allah will help me to go through this process

so here the list

  • stop my bad habbit (let me keep between me what is it) this is the thing I have been struggling for long years.
  • Lossing weight. Get my ideal weight (46kg). I am now entertaining myself with Atkins Diet. And I had been lossing 4kg for one week. InsyaAllah, I will work harder to attain my ideal weight.
  • memorize Juz 30 in al-quran
  • read more book ( at least, one book for one month)
  • do charity
  • study and get a good pointer
  • marry? hahaha insyaAllah, even though I still dont have the nominee list. hahaha but I will put this as the challenge

that's it
I have to be clingy with my old friends
I dont want they get mad
okey till then!


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!