My Iphone dropped in the water

January 18, 2017


hai, dear blog!
I almost forgot to update anything here since my last paper was done
sorry :-(

so here,
I am already home
yea I am happy

but.. I have a very bad news
the saddest one
my iphone dropped in the water
and it's not working now
I did send it to the shop to repair it
but, it's too expensive
so, I couldnt fix it because I have no enough money to fix it
it takes about 900 ringgit if I want to repair it
the LCD and battery were broken down

if anyone of you have known any device shop
that can offer away cheaper than the one I got to repair my phone
please drop your comment below
I am suffering without my phone now
please please please

I stay somewhere around Bandar Baru Bangi
please let me know if you guys know
I am begging...

okey, until then


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