Cooking is an art


Hai dear blog!

Since I am still on holiday mode
so, I just want to share what I have been up to at my home
nothing much but
I would to say
I am very enjoying cook at home
I dont know why but somehow I do feel
cooking can release extra estrogen inside my body

I like to try variety of dishes everyday
though, I may be like to campak2 all the stuffs
but, it is soo amazing when you ketung ketang,
it's done in its perfect way
I don't know if I have a gifted skill (ayat nak puji diri)
but, so far no one at home complaining about my cook
well, ahaks!
(nose high)
I am just kidding, bruh!

but, something I realize
cooking is an art
no matter,
what the ingredients you used
or the steps you took,
or the recipes you followed
but, if you dont put your heart in every meal you've cooked
it will be tasteless

because if cooking is an art
so, heART is the most important ingredient to express an art
then, that is why heart is needed in cooking
it is the special secret ingredient of art

My quote of the day

"Expressing what is inside heart, is an art. So cook as well. That is why I cook, so that I can express what is inside my heart. And there is an art in heART"― AH

till then


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!