Cant wait


Hai dear blog,
How are you?

sudden post and presence out of nowhere
I am good and feel quite excited
Cant wait for up coming event next year

I will tell you what it is when the time comes
though, the date is still quite long journey to go
but please do pray for everything yea

now I am in study week mood,
not really study lar
just chilling out and try to counter back everything into the place
please make a du'a for me yea
my first paper starts this 26.12.2016
then, a week gaps
after that non stop papers to face
this semester I have 5 subjects to be covered
quite tough
insyaAllah, I will try my best

for next semester, I will specify my study field
so insyaAllah, I will further my study on Biomedical Electronic Engineering

my new timetable for next semester

I have about 3 semesters before I graduate for Electrical Engineering Student
insyaAllah :-)
these 3 last semester might be the most challenging semester ever
but I hope Allah will help me to survive

okey, until then
I will update anything more here
hmm not promise but insyaAllah


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!