7 hari mencintaiku


hai dear blog!

I wanna share one of my favorite novel that I read about 4 years ago
when I was in form 5
I didn't buy the novel but I borrowed it from my friend
7 hari mencintaiku

4 years back then
I was the one who is really admire siti rosmizah's writings
she is superb and amazing!
she always make me living into
every characters she brings in her writing
and I never end reading her novel
unless I did cry at least once

7 hari mencintaiku
is quite thick novel I must say
and the thickest novel I ever read in my whole life
but well I did finish one book for one night
and of course I sacrifice my beauty sleeping just to get to know
what it is 7 hari mencintaiku
even though the next day I have biology class in the morning
hahaha honestly I can't stay focus in class
not because I felt sleepy but to be true
the characters and scenes in the novel keep rolling in my head

the characters' emotions I feel it kinda alive
hahaha.. I love khuzairi's character
His love toward Mia
is sooo charming

okey that's it
until then

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