Ke korea ke kita (part 1)

I dont think i would be serious on writing this kind of entry. Travel entry. Hmm. Tak pernah serious pun. Selalu je tulis separuh jalan.

And I hate myself.
No determinate at all.

Today is already 18 days I am here.
In south korea.

And guess what, this is my first entry since I came here!! What?? Are you serious??
Sorry, guys! I am too lazy to open up my blog because I have too many other social media especially my instashop. I have to focus more on it. Customers first!


Today, I manage to write again in here.
Okey, let me briefly story to you guys what I have been doing along this 18 days I am here.

For the first week.
I was not going to far from the place I stayed. Oh yea, I am staying at my father's appartment in Geoje Island near with Busan. I am not sure either Geoje Island is in Busan or nearby with Busan. Ah, just forget about it.

Geoje Island is known as shipment port. So, my place is very close with port, sea and beach. And it also known as working island. So, everybody who stayed here is majority is working at port nearby. Including my father.

Hahaha. Tak taula apa yang aku mengarutkan. Harap pahe jela.

So, for the first week. I was just chilling around here. And a bit busy dealing with my customer about pre-order items. My father is working so, I cooked, cleaned house, serving my customer and only on weekend I would be going out.

The place I already went. Tongyeoung Cable car. Nampo dong. Jagachi. Gohyeoung park. Army museum.

Last Friday,  I went to Seoul! Yeay, that's the peak of my excitement in here. Orang kata kalau pergi Korea tapi tak pergi Seoul. Rugiii.

So, I manage to be there. Alhamdulillah.

So, here I picked ramdomly some of the picture. You can also see on my instashop @shoppestuff for further. Kalau aku rajin aku akan upload kat sini lagi. Okeh, I am signing off. Bye.


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!