Blood transfusion || Diary note


Recent friday,
my mother was admitted to Hospital Serdang
caused by Anemia

I don't know what the exactly type of illness
but she needed a blood transfusion
2 bags fulled with an oxygenated AB positive blood
already transmitted into her blood vessel and diffused throughout her body

so, as a daughter
I'd to be by her side
from the very beginning she'd admitted until she discharged

she is mentally and physically stable now
she have had great meal tonight
and I felt so relief

two nights in ward
My complicated unspoken mind was wandering around along corridor in ward 6B
from my sorrow side
I had felt someone was standing behind me, literally
I could feel his silent breath
his warm eyes stared on my back
his cold-yet-cool heart like wanting me to cuddle his waist
to mend his broken heart

but when I over-looked around
no one was there

two night I had this thought
I knew
somehow in any way
he still has some space in my heart
as he always has it

maybe my brain has been working too hard, lately
it needs some enough rest
anyways, I'm glad my mother is quite okey now
that's all I need
else, let Allah do the rest



  1. singgah, jemput singgah segmen:
    Novel diagnosis, header, top up, vector art, tudung untuk dimenangi...


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