Our own story

I have done watching Triumph In The Skies 2,
41 episodes

I dont know how to put in words
about my feelings now

this drama was so inspired me a lot,
yea, I cried
it was a really something

I am feeling blessed
I learnt so much things from this drama

courage, team-work, self-confidence, respect, appreciate, let the past be a past and MOVE ON

dont make something for others
be yourself and find your own style


dream maybe just a dream
but no one has said dream never will come true, right?

if there're passionate, concentration, responsible and confidence
nothing can beat it, am I right?

do zhe, Captain Tong!
do zhe, everyone who roles the drama triumph in the skies 1 & 2

now, i am really want to fly high and never will look back!



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!