12 tahun yang lalu


my very first love,
the day, I started love plane, aviation, crew cabin n even pilot!!
just because after I watched this drama..

12 years back you know
when I was in standard two!
waoh!! how time flies so fast

i just couldn't imagine how old I am  now!

but, along the 12 years
I already forget my dream
the moment I love so much sky and I really want to travel over the world

what a pondering journey?
*idk the correct adjective i used*

ps: who care meh?

let me story, how I mean to found with this drama again
last Tuesday, I went to cinema with my buddy and before the movie started
there were some a very long and quite annoying ads before the movie began
but, suddenly my ear caught a very familiar song,
the song I missed long long time ago,

I almost cried okey!!

and it was the song of  my favourite drama

the drama that build my dream back then,
but I already forget due to urmmm huhhhh I dont know.

but, now I am really glad, Ive found it back..
though, maybe I couldnt manage to fulfill my dream,
to become a pilot
-my first ambition when I was kid
it's okey!

Allah has planned something wonderful ahead for me, yea?
I still love sky and to travel over the world is still my dream of dreams!

I already downloaded the dramas..
it has already two seasons
and insyaAllah, in February there will be coming up TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES MOVIE!


for sure, I will watch it!

okey, baii!!


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!