I am back

April 30, 2014

Salam and greetings to all,

It's been awhile since i'd updated my last post. And I have a weird feelings to start writing again. Basically, I'd decided to stop writing and 'get new life' after I faced the worst incident in my life..tetapi, bila fikirkan semula rasa rugi pula.. I love writing, I love story-telling and I love sharing everything I have to everyone because someone said LOVE is all about sharing.. So, yeah lets we start again, shall we?

first of all, my blog is still in maintenance phase. So, it's a little bit messy. I hope the outcome soon will reflect the matured Aini. Hahaha!

second, I've just finished my matriculation life. InsyaAllah, I'll update my experiences, my awesome family's stories and all my ups and downs I got through there. I hope Pojan (our youngest brother in S2BP7 family) will read and satisfy with my writing. Pojan, sila terharu aku tulis sebab kau!

third and the last, I'm looking for a job............


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