Tips moving on cara aku

January 17, 2014


how's your day today? hopefully, everything is going well :)

it's friday, yow! just a good time to moving on,, this gonna be a cute marvelous entry tips for some people who's finding the way to out from their heart-broken life.. So-called heart-broken maybe.. 

by the way, I want to emphasize here, everything I wrote here is personally kinda my ways. If you disagree or else, its not my problem. Or maybe you can share sort of yours at the comment box?

so, shall we start?
*precaution: some tips may not be effective for some people but for sure it's harmless to try it out*

1. Take one ( or more. it's up to you) paper(s) and a pen. Then, write, draw, scratch everything crossing in your mind and heart. Do it until you're tired. Do it until you're satisfied. Physiologically, it's worked! (Note: throw, burn or elliminate the paper(s) after all. JANGAN SIMPAN BUAT PEKASAM!)

2. Drink water oftenly until you go and back to the toilet. Hahaha, this makes my body is really busy, so is my brain.. Plus, it's good for our health too.

3. Filling your time with reading. what's type of book?- anything! Attract and shift your attention from thinking the stress or sadness overwhelmed you to other things. Some people like to read comic, maybe fashion and others. Just read!

4. Have a day break. This what I always want to do ( WANT means not always get to do). As a student (read: martriculation student), I don't have much time to hanging out with friends or go to the place that gives my spirit back (ie: beach). No such things at all. Uh, never mind. Ironically, it's okey as long as I'm still alive. But, if you have the time, dont waste it. Use it properly as much as you can.

5. Signing off all your social networks for awhile. Avoid yourself from interact with your past. Sounds hard? Yea, it's eassier said than done but that is a fee we have to pay. Remember, the beginning is always the hardest. InsyaAllah, after all it is going better.

6. Last but not least, keep it as our habit ; Perform solat sunat regularly, either in the time of hardships or eases. But don't forget to upgrade and improve our solat wajib as perfect as we can (for non-muslim; make your prayer humbly)."In the remembrance of Allah, do heart finds peace (13;28)". We're too weak to face this massive world, that is why we need an enormous aid from the Strongest, Bravest, Merciful God to support us and make our ways going smoothly. InsyaAllah.

that's it. anyway, this is just a piece of thoughts of mine.
It's okey to be crying, sometimes, people cried are not because they are weak to fall but it's just the beginning of building up the strength back.

keep your chin up.

thank you for reading.
Have a nice day!

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  1. i prefer make myself busy doing things that can make me happy when i got brokenheart

  2. Recite al-quran everydays. There you will find new spirit.

  3. Good to hear you're fine. Haha..btw, good tips. Keep it up!

  4. Pi jogging. 2 cre aque..hewhew..btw, nice entry!

  5. Shopping is terapi minda. Have some ;)


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