waiting for this


hai! hoi! Ola!

this is what I'm waiting for.. since I got SPM result, I've never mentioned about it again.. it's just because I wait for  this video!

aha! got-chu! I'm assured, he would make a video about SPM..


it's just my instinct! so, there he was, just as AWESOME as usual!!

one thing I've liked about Matluthfi90 videos aren't only about the contents,
but the comments too..

I like to read all the comment of his video! I could smile from ear to ear.. I bet you will be smiling too, if you do so..

from that I can categorize a few type of commenters;
  1. Real commenters, which means they could give such a great opinion, idea or maybe their experience toward the video.
  2. Redundant commenters, which like to take some of the script in the video and put as a comment.
  3. Fans commenters, the person who like to talk out of the topic. Such as, "Lutpi, your hair seem gorjes! I love it!!"
  4. Annoying commenters, they like to condemn everything (about the content, topic and acting) that is not getting along with them..
  5. Silent commenters, they comment and critic in their heart.
aha! which of the type, you're in?

till then, XOXO


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  2. :D kak pon dh tgk video baru matluthfi ni. mmg trbaik! slalunya, kak jadi silent commenter ja. hihi~


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