Ola! Amigos!

here, I've something to declare of
I've an alergic toward the person who do/did not want to read properly
and keep asking the same question..
though, the person you're asking, did give a long explaination indeed..

is not wrong to ask when we didn't know.. but, it's quite annoyed when you keep asking by the same, damn, poor question!!

thinking of it again, I thought maybe you didn't mean to ask or need an explaination toward the question.. your aim isn't for an answer, but for an attention..

you just want the ATTENTION..


aha! got-chu!! why I'm so slow! why I couldn't see at the first place?? Duh!!
nah, now I understand something greater than that!

you want the person you've been asking (and probably you've liked the most) aware your appearance.. you want he/she/they (is/are) taking care of your feelings and feel your disappearance..

its might probably happen to the girls..
Girls like attention..
so, no wonder, if they like to ask again and again..
even though, they've already  known the answer..
they didn't strive for answer, but just for some concern and attention..
they are we..
but, not totally me..*believe me*..ahaha

I got a simple example..

Do you know Matluthfi90?
Do you know he has an facebook account? twitter? blog?
Do you know, are they all true or fake one?
then, do find out!!

Did he declare he has all sort of account?
Did he tell which the true and the fake one?
He did, babe!!

so,then why you keep asking?
*macam orang tak paham bahasalah*

read carefully..
firstly, go to matluthfi90 youtube channel..
(hang buat dak? kalau buat, comfirm hang tak tanya lagi.. ini dak, pemalaih betul laa hang nie!!)


'he did say, he doesn't has Intagram and Keek yet..'
but, still.. people asked again.. 
"Lutpi, you tarak IG ke?" 
"Mat, nak follow Keek?" 
"So, ini fesbuk  matluthfi betoi ka tipu??
" dia tak dak fb, hang percaya hang bodo!" *siapa yang bodoh nie*
duh!! duh!! duh!!

Do you get the point, don't you?
Don't get me wrong!!
I'm not Matluthfi90's PA!!

I just read that early this morning..
so, its just a good example to show to you what I'm trying to say..

back to the topic..

I thought Malaysian have do-not-like-to-read-properly disease..and the simptom is keep-to-ask
They might think by read the title only, they already know the whole stories..
without read (find, do research) the full stories, or any curiousty, they start judging!
how fast they are!!

Malaysian, do slow your speed! It isn't going right!!
how can you judge, if you lack of proves and evidences?
how can you criticize, if you lack of research?
how can you adjudicate, if you lack of knowledge?
how can you gain the knowledge without any PROPER reading?

it's different between PROPER reading with reading A LOT..
Proper reading means you understand everything you read..
Reading A Lot means you read from a lot of source, but you didn't get what actually you read about..

its better if you can do both!

so, lets do some improvement!!
wake up Malaysian!
it's now or never!

till then..


  1. Ohh..matluthfi rupanya..hehe..minat cara dia buat video.

  2. Setuju!!
    sbb ada matluthfi.. ngheee :)


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