spaghetti joke or what?


declaring my self had resigned, is just a stupid work in the most stupid thing..I guess.. but yeah, it's me now.. don't get me feel I was a loser!
-sound serious-

lack of idea..

Could I make a video?

malaysian need something!

just the way I need them..urmmmmmm

aha! I got a question for you guys..

my younger sister asked me:
"aku ada tekaq-teki untuk ko, kenapa kuah spahgetti lebih sedap dicampur dengan daging (lembu) cincang berbanding daging (ayam) cincang??"
*serious face*

me: ???????? =,="
me: why???

she: "its because I love lamb meat!"

I thought, she wanna give me some facts about spaghetti sause..
definitely, I was lied by a little girl!
poor me!


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!