My intention VS Dunya tests

March 31, 2013


Ola! amigos...

I'm thinking of having my own dairy blog.. which means I can easily and simply write everything I like without any distraction from others.. But I don't want to make a new URL..I want to use this one.. ! urmmm..

but, I got quite a lot of arguements about my thought..

Baik tak yah buat blog kalau tak nak bagi orang baca!

Tak payahlah nak feeling2 sorang!

Jangan nak perasan baguih! blog hang pown takde orang nak baca!

 pang!! hambek penampaq satu! duh!

okey, orait.. I'm nobody and I admit that.. so what!!!

cis berani dikau mengecik-besarkan diri chek! hahaha.. whatever *gaya GossipGirl*

so, If my plan is working.. I consider to change my templete too..which more look like a dairy.. yeah!! I will stop from joining any segment, GA and whatsoever programes is available..Its kinda look I'm quite selfish, but neah You know me, right?

I always support all my blogger friends, be your silent reader, drop some piece of thoughts at your comment (maybe not frequent).. I did and will always do..insyaAllah..

Why I plan to convert my blog identity/templete?

I have been planning for a quite long time.. as I've ever said I didn't like a publicity.. but somehow I realize my dear self ,bit by bit, try to find it..

maybe its quite difficult to understand..oh, me too!

It simply means I found myself tried to be someone else; far away from the real intention I made this blog.. I afraid that I would be overwhelmed by these dunya things.. I'm really scared if my deed is just for nothing..

so, in the time I still can reflect myself.. I want to mend everthings which are going wrong..insyaAllah!

So, I don't ask you to do anything for me, but do understand my circumstance.. I'm honoured to be a muslim! and  I want to be better by time to time...

I know who am really I? I did a lot of mistakes.. and that's why I want to mend it..

so, I do hope YOU can comprehend me..and do help myself to be a much better muslim (or we can help each other, maybe?)

which people called Ukhwah's not to possess but to share to each other! so, this's the time to practise..

until then, XOXO!

The winners of Segmen UPkan Follower by Arkitek Hati will be announced by tomorrow, so please stay tune! 

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  1. apa2pun kakak support your decision yer... ^_^

  2. done follow here. jemput singgah ke blog.

  3. its ok. just do what u wanna do.
    ignore people yg xmemberi apa2 manfaat pd kita.


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