Harsh words, spoken..

March 14, 2013


U're hypocrite!! u're hypocrite!! tak nak kawan dengan you! bad loser!!

don't be offended with this statement..

since I've been blogging seriously.. I met a lot of people out there who are sometime quite hypocrite (to me? / to you?).. and sometime,I feel I was one of them..I mean, I'm hypocrite too..

oh!! don't you realize it? all people out there are hypocrite! fake people! fake world!!

but, wait!! Did Rasulullah has taught us to be husnuzhon? yeah, husnuzhon!

B E R S A N G K A  B A I K.

and that the only thing is needed to be done when we sometime have that feelings.. urgh! astagfirullah..

can I share something? (ouh, absolutely! this' my blog)

I'm the one who are not easily share my problem to others.. I'm better keep in myself.. when I got a problem what I did is between two; solve it or keep it..

But I rather choose to keep it.. (its simply means I have no solution with that problem)

it's quite hard (and hurt) to be alone.. But I always say to myself.. 'you have Allah, so do tell Him'..saying a lot is easy, when it come to be done is hard!

I remembered one story that have been told me;

"On the Solomon Island, when the tribes need to clear the jungle to make way for fields, they don't cut down the trees. They simply gather and collect around it, and hurl abuses at the trees, they curse it. Slowly but surely, after some days, the trees begin to wither. It dies on its own."

you don't need a gun, a bomb, a weapon to kill somebody.. because it's quite enough with some harsh words you say frequently (daily) to them and that would make them die silently in inside (to outside)..

that's what has happened to me now.. maybe with this story you can learn something.. so, do please keep your mouth, your words..


and for those who have same problem as me... DO SHARE! don't keep it! you may die silently.. I'll be the one who willingly hear your heart.. your problem.. your voice..

if you don't want others know.. you can email me.. there's only me and you..insyaAllah.. I'll try my best to help you.. (ainishahroni13@gmail.com)

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  1. Ermm..mulut manusia memang begitu..susah nak tutup. Bak kata lukman hakim, naik unta salah, tak naik salah, anak dia naik seorang, salah, dia naik seorang, pun salah. Alahai semua salah. Itulah manusia..sabar ye dear. Akak, pun susah nak cerita hal peribadi dekat orang, apatah lagi blog kan.


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