A Request to Allah

Get me a connection, ya Allah..
Though, i want it to be virtual..
And let me tell it to you, ya Allah..
For you are the All Knower, the bearer of witnesses..
Of how i feel, how far i yearn, or how much i truely miss my future better half!

Yet it may seem to be a superfluous languish to many..

As long as i'm sure of the fact, "You are the Concealer, the Protector"!
And always would i be sure of it, thus commencing with my ready to flow heart..

Tell him my Lord, that my whispers mean a lot;
Words just frail to topple into the intimacy..
Show him your straight path, that which i would want for my very own self..

Cover him up Ya Allah, with my warm caress and tenderness..
Only affordable through your everlasting Grace upon him..

I ask of you Allah; Send him my greetings, send him my love..
Send him Peace on my regards..

Reassure him of my undertakings, oh Almighty!
Let him see how much i entreat you, to make me perfectly special for him..
Of how pleasurable it occurs to me, in transforming myself as a loving wife to be..

Lest would i displease him in any way; Passionately comforting him in every way!
Giving him earnest support with my body, mind & soul..

As of letting him know of these Ya Rab, soothe his soul with my innate presence..
For eyes could percieve, but little; While hearts can still twin up from miles apart..

Make him righteous amongst his folk, Ya Allah;
Shower him with your bounty of Mercy..

Let him be at his best in simulating the loving Prophet (pbuh),
When certainly, striving to be the best towards his Wife!

What more will his lady love need?
When he upholds his deen, without sparing the examplary..?

Thus, i submit to you My Master, this brief petition with atmost care,
With love for my man, only thriving more, as time races into a life that we would share,
Setting together intentions, so pure & a relation that can never endure!

Do not ever stop from hoping when we still have space to hope!


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