Result Sickness?


hai, guys!! wassup? Having a lunch now? continue babes! 
Since I was surrounded by the makciks at my workplace, sometime I just felt like I was them..ahahaha

Honestly, I'm a-happy-go-lucky-employee now..

*trust me*

so, time went on and still going on, and I nervously keep preparing myself for the biggest day.. nothing much I've done but only to be husnuzhon to My Lord, Allah..(and improving my imaan)
I did my best, so whatever comes I will be the one who is greatful toward the result..

wait a minute!!
what result am I talking about??


I am waiting for my Sijil Paling Mudah's result (SPM)

*insert nervous feelings*

like other candidates, I want the best result too..
but, after I motivated myself.. I surely ain't want it BUT I really need it..
I need a good result to fulfill my dream to study 'abroad'

urmmm..but think about it again...
that only happen if Allah will it..
either me get a good result but Allah isn't permit it (further study).. its such a nothing..

I just have no idea.. I don't even know what Allah has planned for me..but I'll try my best to accept whatever the decission soon.. I hope..........

I don't want to shift the blame to someone or something else..somehow I did before this..huhh..sometime I'm scared, nervous, excited, worry, anxiety and etc..

sometimes, it came all in one..

at last, what need to be done, is, leave it to Allah..

so, let's we make a du'a, May Allah grants our desires and shows us the right path..amin ya Allah..

"O Allah, jadikanlah hamba orang yang paling redha disaat menerima keputusan itu"


  1. all the best. sy doakan dapat result yang baik. pape pon result, ingat, Allah dah tentukan yang terbaik untuk kita :D
    done follow here :)

  2. Dah lama tak singgah sini.Semoga berjaya mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang. Kalau tak dapat apa yang diinginkan jangan putus asa ye, pasti ada hadiah besar yang Allah nak beri nanti. .InsyaAllah dear..pasti akan di permudahkan oleh Allah. Allah bagi setimpal dengan usaha adik. Go Aini go..twins akak ni..hehe. ^____^

  3. @Nurul Aini atotototo..terharunya.. amin ya Allah..thanks akak bagi support.. inshaAllah, I'll remember.. forever twin ^_^

  4. All the best..inshaAllah..akak akn dpt apa yg akak ingin kan.. Just keep praying!

  5. Wishing you all the best dear...
    and good luck.. :)


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