White flag

September 27, 2012


It's quiet late to me for post an entry, right now (already morning yooew)
but my feeling eagerly want to write something here..
the crazy stuff one.....dushhhh

have you read my post's title just now??
maybe some of you have been hearing the word of RED FLAG kan kan kan?
unfortunately, that's not my point here..

are you get confused??
let me clarify your mind..
a year ago, I've promised to not let myself from reading any single novel until I pass my SPM examination..
and, 7 hours passed by...
I'd broke my promise..

yet,I couldn't control myself..
guess what the novel knelt my determination down..
Adam & Hawa written by aisya sofea..

and now I'd already finished reading the novel..yeeeeaaay!!!
happy ending story..
it's kinda romantic and exciting novel..
but one thing that spoiled my mood when my mind kept comparing between the scenes in drama and novel..
I'd cried a lot..
especially, on scene when they were in Makkah..

after long time, I've retired from not touching this kind of thing..HA HA HA
what I just want to say..
I really love it..
I miss to stay up all night just to spend my time for reading novel as many as I can..

till, then

My love for you dies when the last petal of these roses falls

Hawa dicipta dari tulang rusuk Adam,
Bukan dari kepalanya untuk dijunjung,
Bukan dari kakinya untuk dijadikan pengalas,
Melainkan dari sisinya untuk dijadikan teman hidup,
Dekat dengan lengan untuk dilindungi,
Dekat dengan hati untuk dicintai.......

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  1. huhu, wahh..novel adam hawa tu kan novel pertama yg akak bace tau...huhu, btw.nice blog, kelip2 gitu..huhu, gudluck for you examination dear~ :)

  2. @ kakak Hanna thanks..
    sweet kan jln cerita novel adam & hawa..
    sy sendiri pun kecundang..
    punyalaa berazam xnak bca novel smpai SPM habis...
    hmpir stu tahun..


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