Uneasy Feelings

August 18, 2012


It's already 4 o'clock, but I still can't close my eyes..I can't sleep..something was playing in my mind.something that I wish it'll never come back to my life..but! It did! Awful!!

 I've deleted your name in every side of my memories..yes, I really did.. and I almost get there..

 But!! After all of sudden, huuuhh!! Maybe, I'm too emotional..
 but, it come for reason..

 O Allah,
You're belonging to this heart..
And only you can control it, neither me nor others..
Please, guide me in every stride I take..
I don't really know what's best for me,
But I surely know you'll give the best for me..
You're the king of heart,
The one who know me better..
I apologize if I did mistakes..
And please showing me the right path..

And to someone that I mean about here,
I just want to let you know clearly,
I have never dreamt to be more than a friend of you..
I just asume you as my brother, that's all..

p/s; tak suka betul ada paksaan2 perasaan nie..

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