to all my sisters

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after all of sudden, now I'm making one entry again..fuhhh...*tak istiqamah langsung untuk tidak membuka internet sehingga SPM habis....adoi!!

but this entry is really important to me and to all my sisters out there..I watched one video recently..It's about why muslim women must wear a hijab..and how Islam honour all the ladies in Islam..this is the one I extremely want to share with you..This video you must watch it till the end..

niat dan harapan saya cuma satu jer...saya harap, all my ukhti diluar sana dapat memahami kenapa Allah mewajibkan kita kaum hawa untuk bertudung..wallahi, saya ingin masuk syurga bersama kalian semua..kerana syurga Allah itu terlalu luas dan sekalian makluk layak memasukinya..

namun saya nak ingatkan....

 kita memakai tudung untuk menutup aurat TETAPI menutup aurat tidak semestinya memakai tudung *korang boleh jer pakai baldi pastu buat lobang kat mata..

here we go.....

Ya ukhti...
this is for you,
the one whom I adore so much..
the one who easy to enter Jannah..
the one who is very important in Islam..
you're a core of this Ummah..
without your presence..
the world will going to die...
Islam would be nothing..

Ya ukhti,
this video I dedicate personally for you,
The one who have a high position in the eyes of Allah..
The one who is called three time more than a man..
you're the apple of Islam's eyes
Islam needs you..
the real you...
the real muslim woman......


  1. terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi..

  2. thanx thanx and thanx :)
    sama2 kita mengingatkan 1 sama lain


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