July 14, 2012


hye! celamatpagi :-)

cecapa yang ta bangun lagi..dengan ara'an caya cila bangun dan dotok titi dulu baru boleh baca cecita caya dicini

Today, I gonna to talk(share) about vlogger or vlogging..you know what its mean??

VLOGGING means video+log+in..heee..It's same as blog (tempat mengexpresstasi segala luahan cemuhan bebelan dan segala AN) but the difference between VLOG and BLOG is HOW THEY EXPRESS IT 

Blog basically it's about writing..and Vlog it's about making video..

so....five questions if you gonna us me

Q-->Do you make a video?

A--> Yes,I am..but it's more too slide show..Check it here

Q--> Who inspire you the most?

A-->Matluthfi, Aiman azlan, Inianuarhadi, Sayapemalu(Lah Fahmi), Aisyah Shakirah, Maria Elena and banyaaakkk lelagi *cliche betul soalan ni

Q-->So, would you be like them? I mean vlogger. 

A--> nahh, I don't know..50-50..I want it but I'm too shy..

Q--> If you meet them face to face, what would you say to them?

A-->*awkward..urm, maybe I would say 'assalamualaikum'.then I'll make off..teehhee..

Q--> so what your message to all vlogger outside there?

A-->It's simple message "vlogging lah dengan berhemah!" because we cannot please every single heart but it's better if we can convince one heart with what we're saying.

so, it end here..I have to go..I nak gi masak tengahari...tata..wasalam:-)

reflaction-Cinta yang datang dari fizikal kemudian ke hati adalah cinta yang tidak kekal, TETAPI cinta yang datang dari hati kemudian di luahkan melalui fizikal adalah cinta yang abadi..

that's why~~
We can't see Allah cause Allah want to teach us how love is made :-) It's from heart <3

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