July 10, 2012


Our word for today is RESPONSIBILITY..

As a muslim, responsibility is the most important attitude that we must have..WE MUST HAVE

Regarding responsible toward Allah, toward our relegion, parents, family, friends and also brotherhoods..
It's not as simple as ABC, so we must struggle to put all our effort to be a responsible person.

Could you imagine, life without responsibility..

If our parents aren't resposible;- what will occur to us as new generation??
The prime minister isn't responsible;- what will happen to the nation, country and citizen??
If the sellers aren't responsible;- what will they do toward the buyers? cheating?? or what..
The inviligators aren't responsible;- what the exam candidates will do in examination? imitating?



let we spreading love~~
cause Allah is the most Gracious, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate.. either we know or not He love all His slave really:-)

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