The new book; Nisbu Sya'baan

July 05, 2012

Assalamualaikum..and a very good day to my baby bloggie..
How's your day so far? It's fine?

I have nothing to say but i just want to wish Selamat menyambut Nisbu Sya'baan..
maybe some of you know very well rather than me what is Nisbu Sya'baan..I'm sure maybe some of you are fasting today *thumb up :-) So. I hope Allah will bestow you with all His forgiving..insyaAllah.

i have something that I want to complain/argue about the person around me..But maybe next time..It's about the most irritated behavior that could happen in front of you..It happen to me too.. I hate those behavior a lot..then.. when I face that circumstance, you know what would I do?

see you soon :-)

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