July 13, 2012


In the name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Allah has always started His ayah with introduce Himself as the most beneficent and merciful..don't you feel something??

okey I give you some examples..If you meet someone whom you have never met before, what do you expect form him? which part do you judge him/her? with his/her Appearance? or the way he/she dress? the way he/she talk? the way he/she treat people?....

but can't see can't chat him directly..but how could you know him? what His character? His feature?


we could know HiM- with the way He introduce Himself  to us...I can vouch you, if you recite enthusiastically all His ayah-al-Quran- you'll know Him much better than don't stop recite al-Quran even you didn't understand it now, you can learn it slowly..and please be confident:-)

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