How He adore me

June 13, 2012


 today is my wonderful day...why?? because Allah showed his Glory of love..

today, I got my agama result paper..I'd expect my result was not too okey..I'm sure because I can't target my paper 2..I could feel..

suddenly...when I got the paper 1..Allah gave me 96%.. seriously, I speechless..what!!! I'm the highest in my class..I was Allah is so adorable to me..Alhamdhulilah...but I tried not to happy..because everything came for the reason....

after that, I got my second paper..I knew, I couldn't do well in paper I expected I got 60%-70%..then I got 69%..hehehe....vice versa...

what I learn from the learning process...Allah will gives the good news before the bad news..because He knows his slave very well...He want we're happy before we're sad..because the happiness sometime could coddle the now I'm happy with my result..thank Ya Rabb

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