SPM candidate

May 28, 2012


finally, exam came to the end BUT tuition come after it..argh! Oh Allah, all the hardships come for a reason..You want me to be strong..please..let..let me know that you're actually really love me more than this world..when I feel down, please rise me up...when I feel I can do nothing, please come and hold me with Your warm hug and tell me 'Aini, dont be afraid, I always by your side'..

I know only You can secure me from the sickness,tiredness,loneliness,'down'ness,sadness, and all the badness...dasyat grammar ku!

sesuatu yang indah semestinya memerlukan kepayahan, kesusahan, kesakitan dan pengorbanan untuk meraihnya...seperti mutiara di dasar laut, untuk menghasilkannya memerlukan proses yang sukar...

Allah, me love you...muahhhh!!!

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