In the name of Allah the most Gracious and the most Merciful.

It was six years back, if I still remember AH blog was born. Thanks to one of my best friend, SR for introducing me to this wonderful world. I used to write anonymously at first because I decided to use AH blog for the sake of exposing all my hidden world which I don't couldn't show to anyone in real life. But then, once ago, I tried to reveal myself to AH blog. However I found the fact that revealing myself to the world that full of unknown people made AH Blog less unique and has no specialty anymore. So, I changed my mind back and decided to keep myself ground and keep my real life low. 

Over five years, I met quite a lot of readers from diverse background come to this humble world; some left their comments, some sent me an email, some gave positive feedback, some shared their thoughts, some threw good advise and some other choosed to be AH silent reader. Whoever you are, your presences are truly coloring and cheering up my AH world and somehow it really influences my real world too.

AH blog is the place where I share my ups and downs journey as electrical and electronic engineering student who encounters so many failures in life but still deciding not to giving up. From engineering, I jumped to medical world just to taste how it feel to be lingered and surrounded with ill people, thick needles and the smell of antiseptic everyday. I swear it worse at first but somehow I enjoy it now. Meeting numerous amazing souls who unconditionally give their life to help people is fascinating experience. I hope, I could be like them one day but in engineering way.

I am a devoted learner. I have learned everything through my experience and observation. Sometime, I blog about it and sometime I keep it as reminder for myself.

I love travelling, writing and photography so much! So, that lead to my biggest dream which I am hoping one day, I can book all my journey on sheets of papers and also making good travel movie(s) because I want to inspire my next generation to be an explorer and positive influencer.

The truth about AH Blog writer is, I am absolutely not a good writer as well as storyteller. So, that is the ultimate reason why AH blog was born. This world isn't for perfect people but it is for people who are trying to be someone better- day by day, inch by inch. And AH world is a prove, how a fragile glass turn to unbreakable diamond.

I dedicate AH blog to those who always want to see every cloud has a silver lining in their life. I am a broken girl with big heart and indestructible soul.

While life hits us damn hurt, lets just smile and be brave to walk through the pain and dance in a rain because bad things were never last forever. We are not created to be a loser but a warrior in our own way.