'Why you just don't give up?'

January 17, 2019


I try to reduce consuming social media in current daily life. But I have a lot to write and spill all my heavy thoughts out from my brain. I'd lessen my time on instagram. I have been two months not efficiently functioning. I am seriously in very bad state. I hate myself being this way!


I don't know it could be as tough as it is. If I have two lives, I want to end this one now and start over again for the next life for something better. But... I know it is impossible. Mmmmm...

'Why you just don't give up?'

this question come over to my mind, always... I don't really..have an answer. I don't have a reason. That's why I just can't give up. But, if one day,if I already have the reason to give up. I maybe will give everything up. Maybe... just maybe..

Life often offers to us some challenges
throws us some stones
hits us with some storms

I do believe
every hardship come with ease
after hardship is ease
soon.. very soon ease will come to us

I believe it
because that is whar The Above promises

do you want believing in Him together with me?


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