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A day in Singapore with Bee

Last Sunday, I went to Singapore to visit my Auntie. She lives in Toa Payoh. I entered Singapore using the easiest way, it is bus. I took bus from terminal Larkin and stop twice for immigration propose then our bus took us to Kranji MRT Station. Then, from Kranji MRT Station, I bought MRT ticket and chosed Toa Payoh as our destination.

I went to Singapore with the guy I'd just met. (You can read my previous post, as if you want to) Hihihi. My first intention to go to Singapore, of course for visiting my auntie. Yes. Seriously. Please, believe me. But, yea, there was another reason... which is... I want to know him at different side. I go travel with people just to get to know them better. I want to know about his life, his family, his plan for future and his inner side.

So, this is his first time went to Singapore. It took me 30 minutes to convince him to agree with my unplanned plan. Alhamdulillah he can get along with my crazy idea. The craziest part is not entering Singapore by riding bus, but the next day of visiting Singapore, we have class and mine was on 9.00 am. I tell you, I was super tired when I just got back to my university. My feet, my head, my limbs, all was punctured. Dush! There you go.

However, I must be honest, that day was one of the most happiest and exciting day I've ever have in my life. I was being myself in front of him. I never thought that I will get a chance to have that kind of 'dating trip' with the guy I am comfortable with. I heard a lot of stories from him which gives me an opened eye and mind, I always mumbled within myself, 'he has something different deep down inside him.'

I enjoyed the trip and I hope he was too. Taking one train to another train was super tired experience but that experience was badabuss! Alhamdulillah.

This is the place he said "where is the titan?" He is so fanatic with Attack on Titan, the Japanese anime. He is sometime can be so funny but also ridiculous and annoying at the same time.

The hotel at Marina Bay Sand. Too high to be achieved. But the surrounding is quite pleasant.

Orchard street. This place gave me headache because of there were a lot of foreign people. I hate crowd place fulled with people.

Singapore city

Marina Bay Sand. Nice view and you can watch water activity from here. But the activity starts at night. So maybe next time.


I never introduce his name right? So lets we call him, Bee.

To Bee,
thank you for being my crime partner of the day. Taking my pictures with perfect angle. Thank you for accompanying me all the way from Skudai to Singapore. I do really enjoy travelling with you. I love the moment you bring up one topic to another topic and never make me feel bored. I know I am type of person yang mudah terhibur but yea you know how to entertain me. Thank you angkatkan all the stuff and being gentleman. I really hope to have another trip with you again in future. Seriously. Vietnam? Shall we?



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