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The guy I'd just met

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I want to introduce a new character in my life. Not really new la. Hahaha. Its just a gimmick. He is someone I knew in 2014, 3 years ago but just to get to know him better now. Yea, the person is HE. A guy. 

We had collaborated once for one event I handled when I was a part of head committee in my college during 2014. And he was also one of my groupmate for Circuit and System subject during my second semester in UTM. So, our relationship only involving with this two things, after second semester I never contacted him anymore. Plus, I used new phone and I lost all my contact number so its really ended our relationship.

How we could get back again? I was stuck with my Capstone project which I was assigned to do coding using Arduino (you may google if you wanna know), I had no idea how to start because I never use it. So, I have heard few times from my fellow friends that HE is good with arduino and coding. When HIS name crossed to my mind, I don't thinking much, I just BOOMM contact HIM through insta DM. So, that is where our conversation has started.

HE is a nice guy. HE is very talented and humble. The reason I want to write about HIM is I want to remember the kindness HE had done for me which none of any man ever did.(Yea maybe because I don't really getting close to any man except my family) He helped me with my coding until completed, HE helped me finding the component for my project, HE consoled me when I had bad day especially when I couldn't perform well with one of my tests, HE always respond to me, HE handled me when I kept complaining about my project and when my mood was like roller coaster, HE always said "lek aini" when HE realized I was being too emotional. HE is so kind. So, all of these make me so comfortable with HIM.

I was amazed with HIS passion and talent. Even though I don't really know HIM but I could feel this guy has some specialties hiding behind HIM which I hope I can treasure more about it. As if I could.

I like to treasure about the person I feel comfortable with because I hope I can learn something. So yeah, that is the thing I want to update for now. Till next time.

ps: hopefully HE don't read this post. Or I would feel so shame. Please don't tell HIM yea! 


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