Saturday, May 27, 2017


"Actions are according to intentions, and everyone will get what was intended. Whoever migrates with an intention for Allah and His messenger, the migration will be for the sake of Allah and his Messenger. And whoever migrates for worldly gain or to marry a woman, then his migration will be for the sake of whatever he migrated for." 
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I begin my post with this hadith because this is the fundamental knowledge in Islamic culture. Alhamdulillah, today is our first ramadhan. I am grateful because I am still be given a chance to have this opportunity being in this holy month of ramadhan. Because it is our first day, why not I start my #ramadhanpost with something really basic yet important. InsyaAllah.

First time I knew about this hadith, I was startled because this hadith was like a sandwich. Everything was wrapping nicely inside it, fluffy bread, juicy meat, fresh veggie and homemade ketchup are wrapped amazingly and when you look at it, your mouth waters.

(forgive me for describing about food at this moment)

Okey, back to the hadith. Rasulullah saw said every action is according to its intention and everyone will get what was intended. If you wish to do a good deed, insyaAllah Allah will ease you to do that deed. If you wish to be a better person, insyaAllah Allah will help you to walk through the journey of being someone better. If you wish to know Allah closer, insyaAllah Allah will expose Himself to you so that you know Him better. If you wish to get any achievement in your live, insyaAllah Allah will drive yourself to obtain what you want.

it has three type of situations

1) Allah will give directly whatever you want
2)Allah will hold your wish for some time and grant it at the right moment
3)Allah will replace something better than what you've wished for

and all three situations are benefit to human because only Allah knows the best for every single of His slave.

Furthermore, at the very last verse. There are two condition of examples been listed. One, the person who migrates because of Allah. The other one, the person who migrates because of woman (dunya matters). Even though this two person have different intention, but they will get what they have wanted.

I ponder why this hadith gives such example, why the arrangement of hadith like that. Then, I understand one thing. Allah is the most justice and mercy. He never forbids us to have intention for worldly matter as well as akhirah matters. And the reason this hadith begin with example for a person who migrates because of Allah, Allah actually wants to emphasize if you come to Allah and follow the step from rasulullah, Allah will grant you for both matters; worldly and akhirah.

Logically, worldly matters is something isn't permanent. So, it's just short term goal. But, meeting Allah and Rasulullah is a permanent goal. Being in paradise is long last goal. If you aim akhirah, you will get both dunya and akhirah. But if you aim world matter, you won't never reach akhirah.

Simple equation.

So, starting from today, let's aim something BIG because our journey is not end in this dunya. We have one big mission to be accomplished, it is gather with our Lord, Rasulullah and our family in jannah.

And,the big aim, start with little thing which is, intention.

You will get what was intended


Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Not only once or twice I have been thinking about these matters,
its already take almost more than half of my time to crucially think about it,
I am scared, I feel insecure and sometime I just think I can't do it.

The reason I write this post, I really want to comfort myself and I want to tell myself, I can do it even its look impossible. So many time, when I thought I couldn't do it but when the challenges passed I be able to get through it. So many things, I said I couldn't do it but when the time went by I be able to face it.

And dear, this time around is the same thing. It is just a piece of another taste sweetness of life. These obstacles wouldn't stay like forever. It wont!

Some people may say my obstacles isn't tougher then their. Yes, that's true. But, Allah does not burden His slave beyond what they can bear. Yours burden is perfectly designed for you. And my burden is perfectly designed for me. It won't be the same.

You may see my obstacles is just a tiny thing compared than yours but then why do you thing, I could not think the same like what you've been thinking? Why I could not think your burden is just a tiny thing than mine? Why I should deny I face nothing than yours? huh?

Hmm. Do not compare your level with someone's else level. Because we face different things, we live a life in different ways, we create our own journey in different story line. We might meet in the same spot in our pathway but we never be in the same journey until the end.

If I said it is tough, I just say in my own context. I don't have any mean to compare with other person's life. Hmmm..

Next semester will be tougher than other semester. I will take extra credit from others. I am scared I will be down throughout the next semester. I am scared I will cry over the night thinking how I can finish my study. I am scared I will be so stressful. I am scared if I feel hopeless.

But, the most scariest thing, I am scared if I decide to give up upon everything.

I pray to Allah over and over, just to allow me to be strong and brave. I pray to Allah over and over for Him to help me out whenever I don't find a way. I pray to Allah over and over, so He may stay with me until the last battle. I pray to Allah over and over so that I am fully rely on Him because I never can make myself to walk through this journey alone. I need Allah to help me and remind me, He is the only Helper.

And hopefully one day, I will proudly read this story again to my grandchildren and encourage them to pursue anything they want and 'shoo' off what makes them scare.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ramadhan is coming, dear!

If I am not mistaken, ramadhan is just less than two weeks more. Personally, last few days I was still confuse what goals I wanted to set for this ramadhan for reason I could keep on track to do unlimited deeds. Then, what kind of improvement I wanted to make for myself so after ramadhan leave me, I would be someone much better than before. Something I could measure so that I am not being syok sendiri or perasaan sendiri while doing ibadah for Him. 

Then, I watched this video.

Its gives me rough idea what kind of ramadhan I shall have. Thanks Allah cause sending me this video. Hopefully, ramadhan 2017 will bring me closer to You and build me to be a good practicing muslim and be better person.

Ramadhan 2017 is different from other years because I will spent half of ramadhan at my workplace. And yeah, I want to share, I already get my internship placement. Alhamdulillah. Even though, I actually haven't decide yet either to do my intern there or wait another offer because there are few reasons I couldn't state here why I still not decide yet but doakanlah semoga Allah gives the best for me. If going there will make me a better person, may Allah ease it.

To be truth, I'd been waiting this offer quite a long time but when I get it now I feel uncertain. I already discuss with my parents and they said they will support whatever decision I make. Aduh!

Shall I go or not to go?
Go or not to go.
Go or not to go.
Go or not to go.

Is anyone here, have been working at PPUKM? Can you share your experience?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How do you eat NIPS?

I love chocolate VERY MUCH and one of my favorite is NIPS. I even have spontaneous habit while eating NIPS. And those who knows me well, will recognize what is the habit. NIPS has 5 different colors inside one packed. I will eat all the colors except one, I will keep the one for the best to be the last. I called that one is my color of happiness.

When I shared my NIPS with anyone, I will make sure my happiness NIPS won't be eaten by any of them. I said it to them, don't ever take that color or I won't share my NIPS with you for the rest of my life. HA-HA.

so, guess what color is my happiness NIPS? jeng.. jeng.. jeng... 


Friday, May 12, 2017

Wanita Hebat

Kali pertama aku mengenali dia
pada tanggal 13 September tahun 1995,
Namun dia telah mengenali ku
9 bulan lebih awal dari tarikh itu.

Malam ini izinkan aku menceritakan
segala yang hebat tentang dia,
kerana aku mahu dunia tahu
super hero itu memang benar-benar wujud

dia adalah guru pertama aku,
untuk setiap kali pertama cubaan aku
dalam mengenali dunia ini,
dia sentiasa ada bersama aku.

kali pertama aku mengerakkan tubuh ku,
kali pertama aku mengangkat punggung,
kali pertama aku mulai duduk,
kali pertama aku berdiri teguh,
kali pertama aku menapak langkah,
kali pertama aku memanggilnya,
kali pertama aku mulai menyebut,
kali pertama aku pandai menguyah,
kali pertama aku belajar mengeja,
kali pertama aku belajar mengira,
kali pertama buat setiap perkara
dia sentiasa ada bersama aku.

dia adalah jururawat yang sentiasa menjaga aku,
sakit deman aku sentiasa menjadi kerisauannya,
dia sentiasa ada bersama aku.

dia adalah jurutera pertama dalam hidup aku,
tanpa dia aku masih tidak tahu bagaimana menyelesaikan masalah hidup.

dia adalah arkitek yang sentiasa mencorak dan membina semangat aku,
tanpa dia hidup aku barangkali tidak seindah ini.

meskipun dia bukan siapa-siapa dimata dunia,
tetapi dia amat istimewa dimata ku.

meskipun dia tidak belajar tinggi,
tidak juga punya degree,
tidak juga miliki kerjaya sendiri,
tetapi dia amat istimewa dihati ku.

dia hanya gadis biasa yang tinggal di kampung,
yang membesarkan lima orang adik-adiknya,
yang menjaga seorang kakak istimewa,
yang menguruskan makan minum orang tuanya,
dari sekecil usia dia sudah berjasa
dari sekecil usia dia sudah berdikari
aku yakin itu semua tidak mudah
justeru itu, aku merasa dia amat istimewa.

hidup dari zaman kanak hingga remaja hingga dewasa,
hidupnya diabdikan untuk berjasa,
penat lelah, jatuh bangun, susah senang,
segala asam garam dunia telah banyak dia rasa,
dari kulit semulus bayi, tubuh setegap pemuda,
kini usianya telah melangkaui separuh abad.

kulitnya tidak lagi semulus dahulu,
tulangnya tidak seteguh dahulu,
namun, cintanya, perhatiannya, kasih sayangnya,
tidak pernah berubah,
tidak pernah berkurang,
tidak juga berlobang,
masih sempurna seperti dahulu.

masih lagi aku ingat,
dahulu diusia remaja aku,
betapa aku sangat memberontak,
betapa aku sangat kurang ajar,
betapa aku sangat bongkak,
betapa aku sangat tidak sabar,
betapa aku sangat dangkal,
betapa aku sangat tidak matang

aku telah banyak menyakiti dia,
aku telah banyak melukai hatinya,
aku telah banyak meleraikan air matanya.

namun, disetiap malam yang malap
kerap kali dia bangun bertahajud
memunajatkan doanya buat aku
mengharapkan keselamatan aku
mengharapkan kebaikan buat aku
mengharapkan kesejahteraan buat aku,
mengharapkan kedekatan aku pada penciptaku.

disaat aku pernah merasa aku tidak memerlukannya disisi ku,
tanpa aku tahu
kerana dia dan doa-doanya aku masih terus ada disini,
dapat merasai nikmat-nikmat yang dipinjamkan ilahi

disaat aku pernah merasa untuk jauh darinya,
tanpa aku sedar
kerana dia dan doa-doanya aku semakin dekat dengan tuhanku
apakah yang lebih hebat dari nikmat ini?

aku akui ketika aku mula benar-benar mengenal tuhanku,
itulah permulaan aku mengenali sisi wanita hebat itu,
dia ialah ibuku.

dan disaat aku belajar duduk berjauhan darinya,
itulah kali pertama aku mengerti
betapa pentingnya dia dan doa-doanya

dikala berjauhan ini,
setiap kata-katanya,
amat bererti buat aku.

dikala diluar sana,
seorang gadis mendambakan seorang pria,
buat aku, sudah cukuplah ibuku ada disisku.
aku masih dimanjakan setiap kali aku pulang ke rumah,
aku masih dibelai setiap kali aku meletakkan kepala aku dipangkuan ibuku
aku masih diberi perhatian yang cukup
setiap kali aku memerlukannya.

justeru aku sangat bersyukur mempunyai seorang ibu
yang tidak mempunyai degree dan kerjaya sendiri,
selain daripada degree dalam mendidik anak-anak
dan kerjaya mendewasakan anak-anak.

Ibu, kau wanita hebat!

aku mahu kau tahu,
ibu, dirimu amat penting buatku.
doa mu adalah nyawa ku,
terima kasih kerana sudah mendewasakan anakmu
terima kasih kerana memilih untuk sabar dan tabah
terima kasih kerana tetap setia
terima kasih ibu,
terima kasih
kerana sudi menjadi ibuku

Ibu adalah wanita terhebat didunia ini.
Moga syurga tertinggi buatmu
Moga keselamatan dunia dan akhir dijaminkan buatmu
Moga kemudahan sentiasa mengiringi mu
Moga kesihatan yang baik dianugerahkan padamu

Akak sayang Ibu!
*peluk dari jauh*


Happy mothers day for all women out there!
You are the most special creature ever exists in this world.
Stay powerful, ya mommies.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

What Aceh gave to me - Pulau Sabang

It's been awhile I tried to write this story, but I lacked with ideas and my hormone didn't work efficiently to activate my writing mood.

Last year, I went to Aceh for educational and spiritual trip. I called it, Trip To Find Who Am I In This World? So, it took one week for me and my friends to discover everything about Aceh; its histories, cultures, places, people and of course its foods! Well, it's not so everything but I must say I quite satisfied and blessed to have this chance to get there. Alhamdulillah.

Even though, the journey wasn't going smoothly as planned but every turn the plot twisted, it went to something much much much better. Well, Allah is the best planner after all :-)

Having a trip in big group and quite long time was great experiences, I learned so much things through them. It was not easy but it was good opportunities to build my inner side for the sake of goodness. Seriously! 

Basically, one of my favorite place in Aceh is Pulau Sabang. In Pulau Sabang, we found one place named Sumur Tiga, it has private beach that is super super beautiful and lovely. The sand is white, the sea water is very clear and I saw a cast of crabs on top of the rocks. I am truly falling in love with the scenery and I just feel want to build my own cottage and spend my whole life there.

Got very nice cabin on the sea water. I couldn't ask for more. This is just enough!

We had our dinner and breakfast here
This must try whenever you come to Aceh, Nasi Padang and if you want for more juicy, eat Nasi Padang in a group of four or five people, it will give better taste. While eating don't forget to build bond between our partners.

We went for snorkeling and sightseeing. In between these activities, we filled with some refreshing sharings from 'kakak2'. It was really nice moments when Allah gave me a chance to be surrounded with good people especially those who remind me about Allah and His greatness.

Pulau Sabang treated me very well. If I ever get a chance to come again to Pulau Sabang, I will definitely say yes! 


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The most DELICIOUS Mee Curry in Skudai

After we finished our test yesterday, we drove to Taman U to fill our tummy with some foods. And there we found one stall nearby Old Town Restaurant, selling Mee Curry and ABC and other malaysian foods.

I usually order either Mihoon Tomyam or Kuew Tiaw Kungfu for my meal whenever I eat outside campus, so yeah I just order Mihoon Tomyam without thinking much more. For me, nothing can beat these two dishes okey! But my friends ordered Mee Curry, they said Mee Curry is very familiar in this stall. When I looked around, everyone was eating mee curry. So, I a bit wondered how it taste looked like.

I love tauhu with mee curry

Sunday, May 07, 2017

How I envy Vivy Yusof

There is about almost three years I have been following this energetic and stylish woman, Vivy Yusof via media social. She is such an inspiring woman I must say and I guess everyone must agree with my statement, right? I knew her through her Instagram account (@vivyyusof).

It happened when one day the boredom really hits me, I was scrolling my explore looking some interests and then there one video about Daniel was speaking to Vivy in very genuine way, yeah I must admit he has very cute and handsome feature even he is just a kid. LOL. I was so amazed how she taught her son being such a perfect boy with polite manner at his age. And guess what, I repeat the video so many time! So.Many.Time. Until I ended up, scrolling her whole pictures and me being an unpaid stalker.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Pengalaman pahit di Korea

Bila cerita tentang Korea semestinya dalam fikiran kita akan terbayang benda sweet-sweet, tempat-tempat romatis, oppa-oppa kacak atau unnie-unnie comel. Kalau tak terbayang, boleh tinggalkan blog ini dengan segera sebab anda tidak normal! Eh.

Aku nak kongsi pengalaman yang pahit ketika aku berada di Korea dulu. Secara ringkasnya, ayah aku pernah bekerja di Korea maka aku berpeluang pergi ke sana dua kali. Kali pertama tahun 2013 selama seminggu dan kali kedua tahun 2015 selama sebulan.

Masa tahun 2013 aku pergi, tidak ada pengalaman yang pahit sebab itu kali pertama aku datang dan berada disana pun tidak lama. Dan tak dapat jalan-jalan sangat sebab musim sejuk, waktu siang sangat sekejap. Ayah aku balik kerja dah gelap jadi tak dapat bawak kami jalan-jalan kecuali hujung minggu, itupun hanya ronda-ronda di bandar Busan dan sekitar bandar Okpo.

Cerita ini berlaku ketika aku pergi Korea pada tahun 2015, aku pergi Korea seorang diri. Ayah aku tunggu kat airport Busan. Disebabkan aku duduk sana sebulan aku dapat perhatikan kehidupan orang Korea lama sikit. Apartment ayah aku di bandar Okpo, Geoje Island (nak tahu location boleh google). Ringkasnya, Geoje Island ini pulau orang bekerja offshore, jadinya banyaklah company kapal dan minyak wujud sekitar pulau ini.

Orang-orang yang hidup di bandar Okpo ini, mostly tidak pandai berbahasa inggeris. Kalau nak berkomunikasi memang macam ayam dan itik lah, tak pun kena guna body language. Serious kelakar weh! Waktu pagi disini sangat sunyi tetapi waktu malam bandar Okpo ni sangat sangat meriah dengan kedai makan, pub, bar, tempat-tempat karoke dan pusat pelac*ran. Kalau terserempak dengan lelaki yang mabuk tepi jalan pada waktu malam tu perkara biasa je. Kebanyakkan lelaki muda yang hidup di bandar Okpo bekerja di syarikat kapal/minyak sekitar situ. Apabila seharian penat bekerja, waktu malam adalah waktu untuk mereka enjoy sepuasnya.

Salesgirl (kedai2 pakaian atau kosmetik selalunya dijaga oleh perempuan) di bandar Okpo tidak sefriendly salesgirl di Busan ataupun Seoul, especially kalau kita masuk kedai mereka dengan pakaian yang biasa-biasa surely memang diaorang tak layan, paling ganas diaorang sambut dengan jelingan je pastu buat donno. Tetapi, itu jarang-jarang berlaku, kalau berlaku pun punca utama diaorang macam itu mungkin salesgirl dia tengah period pain kot. Tetapi, kalau orang yang jaga tu lelaki dan muda, sumpah weh kau mesti akan terbeli barang yang dia jual. Maneh-maneh berlaka deh! Ada sekali tu, aku nak beli kasut dan yang jaga tu lelaki, oppa tu siap nak sarungkan kasut yang aku nak try tu kat kaki aku. Masalahnya semua kasut yang aku nak try, dia nak sarungkan. Adeh, last-last memang aku beli juga lah.

Korean yang tinggal dekat bandar Okpo mostly berwajah asli rather than korean yang tinggal kat Busan atau Seoul. Gadis-gadis yang cantik-cantik, tinggi-tinggi dan elegen atau jejaka tampan, maskulin dan tinggi macam dalam drama tu hanya jumpa kat area bandar besar macam Busan atau Seoul. Kat bandar kecil macam Okpo atau Tongyeong mereka adalah korean yang korean. Tak tahu macam mana nak terangkan. Typically, korean yang asli tu comel je! Bukankah yang asli itu menawan? Tetiba.

Aku boleh kata secara general, Korea adalah satu negara yang sangat bersih. Walaupun culture rakyat korea, selepas seharian bekerja, malam adalah waktu untuk berjoli. Minum arak tu macam minum air masak je tau. Kadang-kadang bila mabuk teruk sangat, diaorang ni sesuka hati je kencing merata. Botol arak ada dimana-mana, yang pecahnya bersepah-sepah atas jalan especially kat area pub dan bar. Tetapi, tepat jam 7 pagi esok, kau akan tengok tempat yang bersepah macam nokharem tu jadi bersih-sebersihnya. Sebab pagi-pagi cleaner dah bersihkan. Sumpah, cleaner korea power gila!

Pernah sekali, masa tu aku kat Seoul, malam weekend aku keluar jalan-jalan sebab nak ambil angin kat Han River, balik dari Han River dalam perjalanan nak ke Hotel (which hotel aku kiri kanan depan belakang ada pub dan bar) berselisih lah dengan jejaka-jejaka yang mabuk tak hengat dunia. Ada yang sampai nak terpeluk aku, nasib baik aku sempat mengelak. Alahai, walaupun oppa hensem, tampan dan bergaya tetapi kalau dah mabuk macam tu rasa nak bagi pelempang dan penyepak pakej time tu juga tau. Tetapi, berbekalkan keimanan aku terus berjalan ke hotel dengan gagah tanpa tergugah dengan penipuan alam fana. Eh!

Banyak perkara dan pengalaman yang aku belajar semasa kat sana especially, perjalanan aku disana banyak bersendirian sebab ayah aku kerja dan dia mengizinkan aku untuk explore sendiri. Aku belajar berdikari dan bertawakal to the fullest pada Allah. Aku seorang observer and ponderer, setiap apa yang terjadi dalam hidup aku atau sekeliling aku, aku akan cuba cari hikmah yang tersurat dan tersirat disebalik incident itu.

Setelah bermacam ragam yang berlaku sepanjang sebulan aku berada di bumi Korea, hari-hari berikutnya aku meneruskan kehidupan aku sebagai seorang pengembara dengan membawa segala kenangan pahit dan manis sebagai pengajaran hidup dan menjadikan pengalaman masa lalu sebagai pemberi semangat untuk terus melangkah di bumi tuhan.

Kerana kehidupan bermula, pada langkah pertama....


Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Hang on, dear!

my 6th semester will be end very soon
and as usual, bila masuk 2nd part of semester,
adegen2 atau senario2 seperti berikut wajib berlaku.

1)Semua subjek ada assignment dan ianya perlu disubmit pada minggu yang sama

selalunya 2nd part of semester adalah waktu yang paling busy, stress and exhausted sebab semua benda nak disiapkan dan disubmit. Assignment, report, proposal tambah dengan quiz, test and paling besar final exam. ergh!

2)Clash waktu discussion antara group discussion yang berlainan subjek

Disebabkan setiap sem aku akan bertukar-tukar coursemate, tambah pula ada subjek-subjek tertentu yang tak sama dengan groupmate untuk subjek lain, jadi nak dapatkan chemistry dengan groupmate untuk certain subjek amatlah memakan masa. Dan bayangkan setiap subjek ada groupmate yang berbeza, so ceritanya memang agak frust bila nak buat meeting sebab masing-masing ada pe'el tersendiri. Dan clash bila nak buat group discussion tu memang selalu terjadi.

okey enough is enough dengan bebelan.
orang kata kehidupan masa belajar adalah moment paling best
so, lets enjoy the pain because through pain
we've learned so many things,
and we've grown.

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last night I had an exam,
it was first time happened our exam started very late,
it was 10.15 pm! usually we started exam on 9,00 pm,
however, we just hadap je la because there's no choice

ramai kawan-kawan aku yang dari course lain terkejut dan pelik bila aku cakap test (except final exam) aku selalunya dibuat pada waktu malam. Ye, ini cerita betul! Disebabkan course aku ada banyak kelas dan banyak subjek, jadi sentiasa berlaku clash antara subjek-subjek sehingga menyulitkan untuk test dibuat secara serentak. Jadi hanya pada waktu malam sahajalah yang semua student free and available, maka sebab itulah test kebanyakkannya buat pada waktu malam. Nak standardize punya pasal.

siapa-siapa yang bercadang mahu ambil electrical engineering di UTM, ini akak nak pesanlah. Prepare dan hadap je lah ye, jangan takut jangan risau, INI SEMUA COBAAN! >.<

setiap fasa dalam kehidupan kita ada ujian dan cabaran yang tersendiri,
macam main game yang ada level-level tu,
makin tinggi level, makin power cabarannya,
tetapi, kitakan dah lalui banyak cabaran-cabaran sebelum ini,
sepatutnya kita akan jadi lebih matang dan lebih dewasa dan lebih kuat!
so no worries, Allah won't leave His servants in life battle
without any guidance and preparation.

Aku tulis ni sebab aku sedang menasihati diri sendiri. Yang selalu sangat lembik dan lemah bila ada cabaran @ ujian mendatang. Jujurnya, aku selalu jelous tengok kawan-kawan aku yang dapat pointer bagus, markah test power-power dan konsisten. Aku struggle gila kot nak jadi macam tu tetapi pointer aku untuk setiap sem macam roller coaster. Kadang-kadang fed-up jugalah tetapi mampu rasa fed-up sajala, nak give up tu rasa tak berbaloi pulak sebab dah 6 semester kot aku cuba survive dan tinggal 2 semester saja lagi.

Hang on, dear!

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Monday, May 01, 2017

Rindu yang tidak berjasad


pernahkah kau merindui seseorang
yang kau tak tahu pun siapakah orang yang kau rindu itu?

pernahkah kau merindui seseorang
yang kau tak pernah tahu kewujudan dia ada atau tidak di muka bumi ini?

pernahkah kau merindui seseorang
jasadnya, jiwanya, rohnya yang kau tak pernah jumpa selama kau hidup di dunia ini?

pernah :-)

aku tidak tahu jika perasaan ini normal bagi seorang manusia
tapi, apa yang aku hendak perkatakan,
rindu ini satu perasaan yang aneh

perasaan rindu ini
ia tidak sama seperti perasaan suka,
ataupun perasaan cinta,
ataupun perasaan marah,
atau perasaan benci