Lepasan SPM // Life After SPM

March 22, 2017


Today, I eagerly plus quite excited while writing this post because I would like to share my SPM's after life and how I bumped into engineering study after lots of drama did happen throughout this dramatic journey. Plus, for your information I and my not-so-good friend, Mr Physics were having not so good relationship since school back then, but now I ended up taking engineering as my study and part of my life. Erk, maybe. Haha. I might say our relationship were never working even when I further my study in matriculation. I never had interest to this guy because he always make my life complicated.

So, whoever ever read my simple description on top of my blog, simply and shortly will understand the journey I mean about. For those who didn't read yet, go and read now! If you're lazy enough to not to do so, I am more lazy than you to screenshot and put it here. Okey? Such a spoon-feed baby! *please read it with adele tone* Haha.

Let me introduce my journey a lil bit, but before that, I just want to let you know, I might not be a good writer as well as a good adviser, but everything I write here, if it is benefit for you, please take it. If it is not, just throw it in a dustbin or ignore it, okey? So, I finished my secondary school at 2010 and my SPM result is not so good but not too bad too. It is just so-so. During school day, I was not an excellent student but just being good at the thing I love so much. I am good at mathematics (only in school time because in university time mathematics is sooo difficult) but partially love in biology. Why partially? Because I am just interest in human anatomy and physiology but I got frustrated on the others chapters such plants and animals. I didn't like it at all.

So after I got my result, then I received an offer letter from Uitm to further my study in architecture. Wait a minute, why so sudden I got a letter from Uitm? Basically, I don't have any background on this field because when I was form 4, I dropped the 'Lukisan Kejuruteraan' subject because I can't handle it and to be honest being surrounded by so many men in class is not so me back in school. But, actually that is not the only reason why I dropped this subject. So back to the topic, I do love buildings and any arts were created in this world and I appreciate every single curves and lines that was interpreted in one piece of paper that could've told everything in there. So, I gave some space for myself to try, even though I might no have the ability of drawing nicely or the art hands. But, if I don't try, I never know the result, right?

I went to the interview and having a drawing test. Yeah, it quite tougher than I thought because I competed with some other candidates which were away better than me apparently. During interviewing day, I made some friends, most of them were graduated from Diploma, some others were just finished their foundation and matriculation. And I, the one who just finished my SPM level, maybe there some other candidates who were in same level with me, but I didn't found them on that day. So, speaking about level, I was the youngest among them, not so much experiences and not bringing any drawings to be showing off. Because I don't have one. Haha. But, it was a great experience to be a part of the candidates. After I finished be interviewed, I made a judgment, I could see my future was not with this drawing stuff, because I knew being with the thing you can't falling in love everyday, it will be hard for you to survive. Architecture is quite interesting journey I may say, but I couldn't make my life lives at stake because I am not good at drawing. Seriously.

Before the result from Uitm came out, I decided to further my study in matriculation. At first, I was in modul 1 (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) but, suddenly I was not so confident in taking physics and biology class. But. I could've to choose to drop only one subject. So, I decided to dropped biology because when I went through all the chapters would be teaching, it had more chapters I hated than the chapter I loved. Then, I was placed in modul 2 (Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science), It is quite sad leaving biology after I already learned it in school for two years but,I had to choose anyway. By the way, computer science is very interesting subject. I always score and get the highest mark in class. Alhamdulillah, I improved my study a lot. One of the factors is the lecturers itself. They are very optimist and supportive. So, I am doing well during my matriculation time. And, time flew so fast even I could not notice it. My CGPA was good, so I applied UTM and UM to further my study through UPU website. I was certainly unsure to further in what course for my first degree.

My mom not allowed me to take engineering at first because she said that fiels is for men and she always persuade me to become a teacher or nurse. I didn't know why, maybe she wanted one of her children working with government (because your parent will get benefit if their children work under government such as medical issue or bank, i don't know). I got quite confuse but after I did some researches, I ended up choosing Electrical-Electronic Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at UTM and UM as my choice. Two courses for two universities. Alhamdulillah, I got my first choice which is Electrical-electronic engineering at UTM.

I will continue writing about my journey as electrical-electronics engineering student at UTM, and how my life is going on, and how I ended taking biology class again in 3rd year of my degree journey. Is it a tough journey?

Wait patiently, I will continue soon.
I have a test this night, please pray for me!
If you have any question, please drop in comment box.
Thank you for reading.


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