Saturday, October 21, 2017

Comfort zone

I always have my own comfort zone. Even I try to deny it, but I still have to admit. I have my own comfort zone. And up until now, I still don’t go beyond my comforting zone.

Okey, what is actually comfort zone? 

My definition of comfort zone is a situation or job or task or goal which I can do much better about it but I don’t, due to I don’t want taking risk or getting involve with any problem or I avoid my heart from getting hurt. 

Comfort zone is a barrier between safe life and challenging life. Safe life is something like spoon feeding life where you rely on someone or something to push you out while challenging life is something like being totally independent.

I always thought I can do a lot of things, but thought is just being a thought. No action. For example, I’d planned to do vlogging thingy but up until today, no progression. I’d planned to write and post new entry everyday but I don’t take it seriously.

Comfort zone is an attitude of taking things for granted, waiting opportunity to come and always saying ‘maybe next time’.

Comfort zone is a fear. A fear that lives in our body. A fear that eats our soul. A fear that kills our dream. A fear that draws us back and let us live in humanless body.

I am worried of myself. I am living in my comforting zone. I have no idea. Hmm. I am clueless.

How to get out of here?

Guid me..


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nak naik kete-tapi versi 2017

I still remember the last time I wrote about my cousins insisted to ride a train, it was five years back. And I can deny, last Sunday was like a dejavu to me. You can read the story of 5 years back [here]

Ya rabbi, I miss this moment. 

5 years ago was like yesterday. They've grown up. I am too. Sobs sobs. The story goes, I planned to go to Lowyat on Sunday and my little cousin overnight at my house. Because of one of them, having one year added in his age, we planned to celebrate his birthday by taking him jalan-jalan. I take them riding MRT for the first time.

They were astonished. They were excited. I can see from their face.

MasyaAllah. I said to them, this is how we live. See the world! Look! The sky is blue and it is so big. Look! The birds are flying freely. You know to whom they belong?


Huhuhu. Bringing them jalan-jalan was a big lesson for me. Teaching and growing the young generation are not easy nowadays. Too much external challenges. Seeing them exploring the world gave a new spirit, I must hold on to whatever come to my life. Because I have God to be served, I have young generation to inspire. Hmm...

Birthday boy with peace sign. Hope you're growing up well. May Allah guide and protect you always. Be a good slave, a good son and a good caliph. Amin. 

Be a good brother too. Hopefully, you will read this post one-day and thanked me because I keep your childhood memories here. Hehehe.

Kakak AH

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sambal Rendang and Sambal Goreng

Having a Javanese blood running in my vein doesn't allow me not to learn and master in few 'wajib' recipes, or I am not gonna been acknowledged as part of Javanese's decedent. Seriously!

No, I'm just kidding😝

Before the midsem break, I made a promise to myself I would learn few new recipes from my mom so that if one day I were away from my mom and my throat insists to eat malay food, I don't have to worry to calling mom all the way from oversea to Malaysia just to get the recipes and ya Alhamdulillah. I have learned two recipes. Sambal Rendang and Sambal Goreng.

Sambal Rendang


-Bawang besar
-Bawang putih
-Cili kisar

-masukkan ayam, santan dan bahan kisaran dalam periuk
-masuk air untuk empukkan air
-rebus semua bahan, tambah asam keping, gula melaka dan garam
-masukkan, daun limau purut, ayam dah empuk, siap!

Unfortunately, I had deleted my pictures on my phone TT

Sambal Goreng

-Sayur kacang [diracik]
-Tempe [digoreng]
-Kentang [digoreng]
-mee suhun [direndam]

Tumbuk dalam lesung
-bawang besar
-bawang putih
-ikan bilis
-cili padi

-tumis bahan tumbuk
-masukkan sayur kacang, tempe dan kentang
-kalau nak gelap, boh kicap
-kalau nak lemak, boh santan
-kalau nak biashe-biashe, tak perlu boh kicap atau santan
-masukkan su hun
-semua dah sebati, siap!

I am leaving the recipes here so that I can refer back. I am worried if I blindly remove my folder if I keep in my phone, just like I'm done to this recipe's pictures.

Image result for sambal goreng jawa
Sambal Goreng, this is how it supposed to look like.

But, Sambal Rendang is our family's tradition food. It's different from other rendang out there. No minyak or goreng-goreng. If I cook again, I will share the pictures.


Monday, October 16, 2017

EOS M10 my new buddy

Photography is therapeutic for me. I love capture moment and beautiful scenery. But I never thought of having my personal camera. I don’t really like bring heavy and bulky stuff here and there. I am a bit clumsy, I hate losing my stuff. This is the reason I don’t ever think to have my own camera except the camera I already have on my phone. I prefer something simple and small which I can put easily inside my handbag.

But, recently I made a big decision to have my own camera because of early this year I just know about mirrorless camera. To me, mirrorless camera is kind of mini dslr which is compact but the lens can be changeable, not so bulky and light. I survey and study about mirrorless camera and just recently I decided to buy one for me.😁

Introduce to you my buddy.

Canon EOS M10

Now capturing moments is so much easy for me. It has touch-screen system, the screen can be flip so that I can easily taking selfie, the lens can be changeable, it also has wifi so I can effortlessly transferring my picture and video to my phone, it has the same feature like gopro too, controlling using phone and wide angle feature. And the lens is manually control, like dslr. Fuhh. Sounds great ay? ❤️

I still learn to get used with it. I can’t wait to travel with this new buddy and share with you guys all of my pictures. Hehehe.


Footnote: Just wondered did any of you uses the same camera like mine? Do you mind to share your experience or tips?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Designing a traffic light, again?

Studying electrical-electronic engineering, you cannot run from learning and designing traffic light system. Every year, I will face almost the same project but a lil bit advance as the year increases. Usually, the difference is regarding the system itself.

As for this semester, my capstone project, we had to propose the idea about intelligence traffic light. Oh by the way, if you may want to ask (i hope you ask laa 😝), what it is capstone project. So let me briefly explain, capstone project is a project where you need to produce end-product from audience’s needs, so you have to do survey, interview people, then find the problem. So from the problem you come out with conceptual prototype. From conceptual prototype you will present, be judged and you have to fight on behalf of your product in front of panels and students. So you have to convince them, what is the uniqueness of your product and why your product should be choosen by audience. After that process, you have to come out with the actual end product with some improvement. Fuh. Not so brief ney? 😅

Back to our project, this morning me and my team already presented our conceptual product in front of panels and students. Lets don’t talk about how nervous I was in this morning because every time I have presentation either solo or in group, I would feel, there are thousands of butterflies flying in my stomuch. Huh. Still cannot overcomes this anxiety problem yet 😖

Our intelligence traffic light is something that can help emergency vehicle like ambulance, bomba and police whenever they got stuck on traffic light jam, which makes difficulty for them to pass the road when there are cars blocked their vehicle. So here our solution, we want to design traffic light system that give priority to all emergency vehicles when they want to pass the traffic light road.

But the big question is, How to make its happen? Hmm. We are still on research and discussion.

However, half battle was done. So another half is waiting us ahead. Now our progression is toward the actual end product, the implementation part.. To build an embedded system to be installed in the traffic light is definitely another level of story. Wuargh 😭

Pray for me yea!


Sunday, October 08, 2017

Malaslah nak study

The moment I feel so lazy to study, everything relates to it, seems so boring and undesirable. Even my eyes can't take a sight to see all those stuffs that relates with studying thingy. Ya Rabb, AH is being lazy, ya Rabb. Help her please.....

I have two tests and one presentation this week. But how can this 'influenza' haunts me at this moment? Yea, lazy is bad 'influenza'. It can kill our dream and our future. Wuargh, I feel bad!!

No new journal read, no progression on traffic light project and no revision at all. So, what have I done during my weekend? Sobs sobs

*reflection mode*

What you've done today, will affect you tomorrow and it absolutely will affect your future. Be serious and be conscious about your future. Don't take things for granted. The one who ruins you life cannot be anyone else but yourself. *burn*

So, lets stop now. I think I already get the mode back.

Please pray for me yea!

Oh, by the way, I want to inform you, the first AH love letter is already done and completely write up. And it will find its owner in no time. InsyaAllah. Whoever hasn't sign-up yet to be one of AH guest and want to get the opportunity to receive AH love letter, please do so as soon as possible. How to sign-up? Just go to AH's instagram and send your name, address and email through DM (direct message). AH will respond as soon as possible. Now, AH already has few beautiful guests and maybe the number will rise soon. Lets be one of them!

Image result for old letter minimalist

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Today is 7102017

Yesterday, my parents came to visit me at my university, even though this Thursday, I am going to go back home for midsem holiday, a week. But, Abah gonna flies back to Okpo this Tuesday, so he couldn't get the chance to meet his beautiful and gorgeous daughter because our timing got clashed.

Then, he decided to come to Johor and see his beautiful clingy daughter. Awwww 😝

I don't want to trouble my Abah to come all the way from KL to Johor because it's tiring journey but he very insisted to see me. So, I am just okey, Abah😍

While waiting my parent arrived, I searched for Hotel for us to stay. I never booked hotel before this, everything is my Abah done for me. But, yesterday, I am being an adult. I booked the hotel all by myself. I said to my friend, 'I felt I am grown-up adult laa' because I found myself currently doing the thing what an adult usually do. Even buying flight ticket and driving from KL to Johor alone also gives me same feeling of being a grown-up adult. Allahu. Am I a grown-up adult? 😨

*feeling determined*

The hotel I booked is nearer to my hostel. They arrived quite late. So, as soon they arrived, we just boomed the hotel's door, get washed and rest our body. And me, looking for food to eat.😝My Abah cooked Arbian dishes and brought it for me. I couldn't say anything, I was touched and blessed and my heart was just about to burst out of its shape. Thank you, Abah! Kakak loves you so much. It's so yummie!

We stayed up until late night. Me, my mom and Pooh, we chatted and watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan together, but my Abah already fell asleep. He was tired.

We had breakfast together in the next morning. We were joking and teasing each other non stop while enjoying our breakfast.

'Today's date is unique. 7102017 when you read forward or backward the date is still the same, right?' - Abah.

We talked about Pooh's examination which is just around the corner. She will be seated for PT3 this monday, insyaAllah. Then, my Ibu came out with KBAT question. She asked Abah,

'I give you a picture of snail and now you have to describe about snail' - Ibu.

Goes all the funny answers. And the most funniest one is,

'Do you know why the siput babi moves so slow?
Because he is confusing either he is siput or he is babi' - Ibu

Nailed it! Hahahaha.

Then, Abah showed the pictures he took during korean festival that held three weeks ago. Then, there got one picture he and his friends took with korean ladies. The picture is funny because my Abah was trying to mimic that korean ladies's style while taking photo.

'Abah, how is the korean ladies's gaya? Show me show me.' - AH

'Like this laa' - Abah.

Then, about 10 o'clock morning, my parents and Pooh left my university and went back to KL. And I continue doing my assignments and trying to find excuses to take a nap 😂

I can't wait to be at home soon. Home is where my family lives.

By the way, please pray for my parent's health ya! May Allah loves and bless my parents always! Please pray for Pooh too!


Friday, October 06, 2017


Related image
Dunia ini
Tak semua benda kita nak, kita akan dapat
Tak semua benda kita usaha, kita akan dapat
Tak semua benda kita doa, kita akan dapat

Dan jika kita dapat,
pasti benda itu tak akan kekal selamanya

Dan jika kita dapat,
pasti satu hari nanti benda itu akan pergi juga

Hakikat apa yang kita dapat,
adalah hanya pinjaman dari Dia
yang cuma sementara
pada akhirnya kau pinjam kau kena pulangkan semula benda yang telak kau pinjam

Mungkin hari ini, kau lihat dia disebelah kau.
Kau renung wajahnya, senyumannya dan lirikan matanya.

Barangkali esok, dia sudah disebelah orang lain.
Buat perkara yang sama

Barangkali juga, esok dia sudah disebelah penciptanya
kembali ke tempat

 dia datang

Nothing is belong to us, no even our parents,
not even ourselves.

Pada akhirnya,
semua orang akan pergi meninggalkan kita dan
meninggalkan dunia ini

Yang tinggal hanyalah diri kita, amal kita
dan keredhaanNya

Jangan tertipu dengan halusinasi 'bersama selamanya'
jika hidup ini kau hanya bertujuankan keduniaan.

Sedangkan dunia pun akan tinggalkan kita,
maka dimanakah erti 'selamanya'?


The reason why we need akhirat is,
to get the privilege of term 'forever'/'selamanya'

Nak bersama ibu dan abah selamanya..

Nak bersama orang yang kita cintai selamanya...

Nak bersama adik-beradik kita selamanya...

Nak bersama kawan-kawan kita selamanya...

Which we definitely couldn't get it from this dunya


Friday, October 06, 2017

Journal, Journal and Journal

Being the final year student never give you an excuse to avoid this one thing. It will become your buddy, it will become your partner, it will become a part of your life. So bear with it! We called it - JOURNAL

I want to share about my final year project with you guys. My project is an improvement from the previous student. I called 'Automated Phototherapy Treatment and Detection in Vest'

Basically, my project is about treatment and detection for infants who have jaundice (sakit kuning). Usually, baby who was diagnosed with jaundice would undergoes a phototherapy treatment to cure the illness and decrease the bilirubin level in their blood.

Image result for phototherapy
This is how phototherapy treatment looks like

Babies who have jaundice will admit to hospital and stay in this incubator for certain period. But, this gives some difficulty for the mommies to come and back from their home to the hospital.

So, my project is to propose kind of portable treatment which allow the babies to do the treatment at home. Plus, I will add some innovations so that the mommies know the easy ways to taking care their babies. When I propose this project to be automated, I generally want to highlight this project is not easy. A lot of research and journal, I have to go through.

How to make the detection synchronize with the period treatment- that is the biggest matter on my project. Scary tau.

Please pray for me yea!

Future Engineer X_X

Friday, October 06, 2017

Bisik Pada Langit

Yesterday night, me and my friends went to cinema to watch Bisik Pada Langit. So, this post gonna be my sincere review because I am not truly movie lover. I am selective and very particular with the movie/drama I would watch because I am imaginative person, I prefer to read a story rather to see the visual action.

Reading a story helps me to grow a character inside my mind, I would choose who gonna be the hero or heroin, what type of physical they've had, what kind of emotion they've played etc etc. So basically, reading a story gives me more impact than watching them playing visually. BUT! Usually, I prefer reading when the material is about a life story or biography or anything related to somebody's life. If the story is kinda of action or something about technology, visual action is better.

Okey, back to Bisik Pada Langit. To me this movie is simple but great. Simple because of the storyline. Great because of I really impress with how they express and manipulate the surrounding to be sync with the storyline. Yeah, the cinematography is beyond expectation. Because it is malay movie, so to get a movie that play with the surrounding in order to give the 'taste', is so rare. Most of our malay movie, playing with cheesy storyline so that people easy to 'terbuai' dan 'terawang-awang', or light storyline so that people don't need to think deeper, it is just to watch and go and etc etc. 

To me, most of our movie is tasteless.

But, Bisik Pada Langit gives me a hope that our 'art' can be improvised in future. We just need a bit more taste. We don't need a fairy tale storyline. Just be who we are. Our daily life, our real life is powerful enough to be elevated as the greatest storyline. No need cheesy storyline like orang kaya terpaksa kahwin dengan orang miskin, then mula2 gaduh pastu menjadi cinta.


Lets change our dimension in our 'art'. Maybe we can tell the real life of our successful people through movie, we can criticize our government via our movie so that they aware (criticize doesn't mean caci maki, criticize means advising to achieve improvement), we can educate our society about some awarenessess that happened in our country and a lot of other things we can do through our art especially movie/drama.

Yah! That's it!

Well done, team Bisik Pada Langit!
I love your movie.
Really love.


Sunday, October 01, 2017

AH love letter


InsyaAllah, I am planning to have a good and close contact with my readers. Since 5 years ago I have been blogging, I have met quite numbers of beautiful people at AH Blog, AH’s instagram and AH’s facebook. Although it might not a lot of people but I am thankful enough with the small communities of AH’s reader. You guys have a kind-hearted and beautiful heart. 

I want to celebrate and cherish all the kind-hearted people by spreading love and positivity to them. So, today and onward insyaAllah. I am planning to sending out a love letter to you guys which I will share my personal thought, tips and secret in that love letter which I never share it with other.

If you guys are interested to be one of the special person who will get the love letter from me. Please send me your email, name and address where you are living now via AH’s instagram direct message. Thank you, dear.


Monday, September 25, 2017


Bukan baru semalam sudah bersua muka? Mengapa hari ini terasa rindu yang sangat membungkam? Haish. 

Tanya sama awan, awan meredupkan wajah.
Tanya sama langit, langit menjurai air mata.
Tanya sama hati, kentalkah kau dinihari?

Nak balik rumah!!! Cepatlah midsem break. Huhuhu.

Semoga Allah jaga kalian dimana kalian berada.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Airasia gave me free customade photobook

Early august, I got an email from airasia. They suprised me with super early wish for my birthday with the present too. Waahh. So niceeee.

Those who asked me who is the first one wish my birthday, I would declare- airasia. Now, you are my boyfriend. Hahaha.

Basically, I got three options for my birthday gift.

I can only choose one. So, I choose photobook. Because the deadline is pretty late, so I don’t need to rush making decision and choosing nice photo.

Yea, its took me quite a long time to customise my pictures. So, i just manage finish it just now and place my order. Now, I just wait my gift to be seding to my house. I can’t wait. I feel impatient. Hehehe.

So, thank you airasia for the gift!

I will update when the photobook arrive at my house, okey?


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What Surah Yusuf told me about

I'm having difficulty to update new post because my hormones are still not stable and I am still trying to adapt with this new atmosphere. It seemed pretty struggling. I have a lot of stories to share but I really cannot find perfect timing to write about it.

Some of my schedules are quite packed. I have class from 9.00am to 10.00pm and I definitely would feel exhausted at the end of the day. Huh. Please pray for me ya!

InsyaAllah. I think I want to share something I just read. I found it quite refreshing especially for this moment of mine. (I need all those refreshing reminder TT) It was about Surah Yusuf (chapter 12 in al-quran). I read from Khawatir Quraniyah by Ustaz Amru Khalid.

Basically, in al-Quran, Surah Yusuf has told us about a timeline of Nabi yusuf's life journey, from the very beginning when he was a kid until he became the minister of Egypt. This surah, is the only surah  that telling us a life journey of prophet. Almost complete and particular. And the prophet was Nabi Yusuf. Not any other prophet. So the question is why, he is the chosen one and what is actually Allah wants to tell us?

From this book (refer to Khawatir Quraniyah), it described that Surah Yusuf wasn't telling us about his prophecy but his life as a mankind, human being. Surah Yusuf is actually something Allah wanted to highlight life is never be perfect. It will has flaws, troubles, tests after tests and all. It happened to all people, include all the prophets themselves.

Surah Yusuf told us, life is all about tests, either it is good or not good. If it is good, its tests how we could be humble to the one who gives the goodness and be thankful. If it is not good, its tests how we be able to be patient, keep positive to what He plans for us and probably work even harder.

Furthermore, one thing I found refreshing in this surah is, the fact of Allah sees us not like what human see toward us. Because only Allah can analyze and know what is in our heart. People only see the outside appearance which everybody can sometime fake it. But, not for Allah. Allah sees every tiny layer in our heart and he knows what is the best test for us to endure so that we can be a better person in future.

Always always always remember, tests are not given in our life to make ourselves worse or be in bad condition. Definitely not. Tests are something like wire brush used to remove stains in our heart. It's going hurt in some other way, but for sure your heart will keep clean and healthy during the cleaning state.

Because at last, we want to meet our Lord with clean and beautiful heart.

This surah is not only applicable for ourselves, not only for our practicing in daily life but also to understand other's people life too. If we know some tests are not easy for us, so other people too. We are designed differently in unique ways. If you have ups and downs life, so other people too. Never never never ever judge other's people life, if we don't even have any idea what kind of life they have been through.

You cannot judge, but what you can do is, give helpful advise is needed (if you're able to) but if you can't do, praying is more than enough. Don't talk behind. Don't assuming. DON'T!

Keep improving ourselves and keep doing self betterment. Focus on your lacking and give positive vibes to other. That is how we want to help others people. Islam is beautiful, so are Muslim. If we're still not beautiful, then we need to learn Islam better.

Inch by Inch

Bukit Panorama, Pahang  03042016


Thursday, September 14, 2017

AH turns to 22

It was suprising when my friends secretly planned to celebrate my birthday last night. 

Honestly, I'd never thought they had planned all these things. Because, usually I always celebrated my birthday at home with my family. But this year is a bit different. So, I don't have any expectation. AT ALL. 

Yesterday, I was a bit busy. Running here and there. Meeting with faculty dean. Meeting with my fyp supervisor. Classes and late night class. Touching up my final intership report. So yeah. I was quite tired and less energized.

I had late night class for digital system. I left my room a bit earlier because I wanted to binding my intership report and logbook before heading to my class. So, I basically didn't have any expection about their planning. And they were very good at acting because I didn't suspected anything. 

I went back from my class, as I was in front of my room's door, I tried to open my door but its locked and my room sound quiet like my roomate already fell asleep. Then somebody unlocked the door. I still didn't suspect anything. As I came in, I was mesmerised. The room was dark. But suddenly, I heard birthday song was sung. And I saw some figures inside my room. Then the light is on. Tadaaaa.

I can't stop smiling and I can't stop feeling blessed. I was about to cry because what they had done is priceless gifts for me. I am grateful to be overwhelmed by their loves and cares. They are amazing souls. They are the people who worth to keep and to love.

From the very beginning I was in this uni life up until now, they're always be by my side. They are always here to support me, to be with me through thicks and thins, ups and downs and all the roller coster moments. They are always here. They never left me.

After I blew the candles and cut the cake, we ate food and we did one girly activity. Hahaha. We make-up each other with our limited collection make-up stuffs. Bahaha. Its so fun. I never did this activity before. Well, being engineering student, we don't really bother how we looks like. So make-up is totally out of our capabilities and needs. But, please don't assume that we don't know how to wear make-up. Make-up is nature of ladies, even we don't use it, we can do make-up pretty well.

Then we took photos and chilling and teasing everybody how we looked like.  Last night I had so much fun. Alhamdulillah. I am glad, Allah sent them to be a part of my journey.

I coundn't be prouder to have them in my life. Honestly, they are one of the reason I want to fight again in my study. I want to convo together with them. I want to be in the same row with them during graduation ceremony. I know, it might be tough journey but if I don't try, I never know where and what is my limit. I believe as long as they are with me, everything will be just fine, fun and fascinating journey. 

May Allah help me and guide me through. Strengthen me and brighten up my final year journey. I want to fight not because I am strong. But, I will fight because I have the one who The Most Strongest. 

May Allah help me and my dear friends to complete this journey successfully.

To my dear friends, the one who master mind this celebration, the one who wish and pray for me, the one who remember this date.

Thank you very much for your wishes. I couldn't be prouder to have you guys in my life. May Allah grants every little dua and wish you made for me and I hope, all your dua and wish shall be returned to you as well and hopefully in multiple rewards. Love you guys soooo much.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Adapt to new semester

This week is the first week of new semester as final year student. I have been quite busy for this few days. Arranging my schedule, adapting with new surrounding (well being a super senior for undergraduate student is quite challenging though), running here and there to complete so many things especially this week I have to submit all my report, forms and logbook for my industrial training. Attending class and meeting for my projects. Fuhh.

*Take a deeeeep breath*

Two big projects so far have been assigned; CAPSTONE and FYP

Extra credits were added in my course. This semester I'm gonna take 6 credits extra from other student because I want regrading my previous grade. I was very nervous and afraid to face all these things but who's gonna do for me except me?

Please pray for me for this new journey. I want to graduate on time. InsyaAllah. I want to finish all these things with passion and ambition.

Image result for graduation


Wednesday, September 06, 2017

5 things I miss about Korea

Whoever follows me since four years ago would ever know how I am so related with Korea. No no. I wasn't born in Korea. Even though I might have Korean looks because of my slanty eyes (lol), yet I am not. I am malay-chinese mix. Purely mixed. Hahaha.

My father has been working in Korea for almost 4 years. So alhamdulillah, I got the opportunity to go to Korea twice. Not as many as Pooh. (She is the youngest, of course she got extra chances than me *roll eyes *)

First time I went to Korea for a week. The second time for a month.

I never had a dream to ever come to Korea. Honestly Korea is not in my travelist once ago. But after traveling and getting lost in Korea. Korea now, is one of my favorites place that I wish to come all over again. And whenever I miss about Korea, I would either throwback my gallery and look out old pictures or watch korean drama.

There are few things I really miss about Korea:

One. The view from my dad's apartment. It was so calming. The breeze from the seaside was so soft and soothing. I love the atmosphere around my dad's apartment especially on the night. I miss walking alone along the road while licking my baskin robbin ice cream.

Two. Praying in small mussolla. Traveling in non-Islamic county somehow pushed me to be a humble people and learn to be grateful. I had experience praying in open public place where I had to lay my outer coat on floor so that I could perform sujood properly. I felt blessed. At the moment, I truly felt the responsibility of being abid and khalifah is burdened on my shoulder.

Three. Kebab and foods from other countries. During my second time in Korea, I was ordered by my mom to cook my everyday meal by my own self especially whenever I wanted to go out. My mom is strictly ordered me to not easily eat any food outside home unless it's stated the halal certification. So, when I went to Seoul, it was super heaven because in Seoul it was easily to get halal food especially in itaewon.

Four. Public transportation in Korea is tip top! I love traveling in Korea because when I got lost, I didn't have to worry. I can mapped and accessing free wifi almost at every where. And yeah, getting lost and wandering here and there is so like me.

Five. Coffee and cafe. The last thing I damnly miss about Korea is its cafe. Cafe is everywhere. And most of the cafe i'd gone to is freaking elegant and calming. Argh. One of my favorite is Caffe bene. They got bingsu in their menu. 

Here some pictures.
The first picture is the most delicious bingsu I ever eat.
Can't wait to have some more.


Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Introduction about MakangStreet

If you ever read my previous post, I did mention about my new project. Me and my sister, Pooh will collaborate to do online business and our focus is in local food industry. We are sooo excited about this. We hope this business will help a lot of people out there and we can grow our potential in entrepreneurship arena.

InsyaAllah, this new project we name it MakangStreet. 

I can't tell you exactly what it is right now because we are still in progressing, but if the project run accordingly, I will let you guys be the first one to know, okey?

I would like to invite you guys to join/follow our instagram and facebook page so that you can stay update with us.

Image result for facebook icon Image result for instagram icon

By the way, we have good news to any food vendor (especially local food), we would like to invite you guys to collaborate with us. Please send us an email for future detail.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Keep learning

Having difficulty to sleep again. Even though sometimes I'd already felt quite sleepy, but when I was about to put my head on pillow, the sleepiness is suddenly gone. Huh. Gone to nowhere. Geez.


I try to put my mode on reading but it's too dark here. I can't see clearly and my iPad brightness couldn't help it too. So, I just forget about it. Hmm.. let's try sorting out unimportant topic(s) here. Just to kill the time.

When I was in form three, I had crushed with one guy. He was my classmate. He was prefect. One of best student in my batch during that time. Not so handsome but got his own style. I couldn't remember what made him so special for me but one thing I surely remember is I was crazy about him at that time.

Reminiscing about that so immature story, I guessed I was the foolish person on the earth. How can I did such stupid things in my life?

I was too naive. I trusted him so much. Because he was good with words. And I was easily be fooled by his words and promises. I almost got into 'serious' couple-ship. But luckily, we are not, because I got to know he cheated behind my back. He had another girl while adjusting my feeling. He is such horrible man.

He is one of my excuses why I barely get into serious relationship. I know maybe people would say it was just immature phase of teenager journey. People make mistakes. We live to learn. Yayaya. But its hard for me to forget what had been done. I don't keep any grudge against him. I forgive him but I don't easily forget the experience.

I learn from this experience and be more careful in future so that I don't be fooled twice.

As growing up, I realized, falling in love isn't a destination. Getting the right person isn't the ultimate goal. Having marital relationship isn't the mission of life. But, they are sent to our life is just to be a part of our journey. Not to complete but to complement.

He is not the only one who ever came to my life. He is not the only person who ever knocked my door. I had series of heart broken episodes in my life. So no blaming or pointing out other mistakes. I just want to remind myself that people come and go. Everyone that's been in my life has been there for a reason. Either to teach me, to love me or to experience life with me. Cheers for everything.

Allah never put us in condition that beyond our capabilities. Allah never put us in such situations for nothing.

So, let's stop here. Because it's already subooh. And yeah, I don't sleep for today. Ergh...

Life isn't always a straight path, it has turn and roundabout, we have to make mistakes so that we can learn and appreciate some value in our life in future. And don't let small things become our ultimate goal but find the ultimate goal and let the small things become the journey.


Sunday, September 03, 2017

Book collection | The Success Factor & The Confidence Factor

Having a little much time before new semester begins, so I am thinking to find new good book to read. I truly believe in order to enrich our mind and attitude, its starts with reading. Reading good book will impact ourselves to be positive and it will grow our mind too.

We are what we feed our mind and our soul. 

Tonight (probably; last night because its already 2.00 am), I went to Popular at Jusco Melaka. Being surrounded by so many books gives me an anxiety feeling sometime, because I can't control myself from touching all books there and spending minimum two hours in the bookstore.

I love books so much (especially the one with old paper smell).

Unfortunately, I am two weeks unemployed daughter, so I didn't have so much savings to spend for new book. The only choice I have, is my devoted banker; (it can't be anyone except my mom). After negotiating with innocent cute face, my mom gave RM70 to spend for the new book. Yas!

'I should use this money wisely'

'If I can find, RM35 ringgit book. I can buy two books. Two is great though'

'But usually good book will cause me more that 45 ringgit'

'I only have 70 ringgit. I couldn't buy two books for 70 ringgit. Not enough money. Should I ask my mom for more?'

'No no. If I can find one book with two things I need inside the book. And the price is lesser than 70 ringgit, I will buy that book.'

I monologued while walking to self-enrichment shelf.

As I thought, so many books to be listed in my wishlist. I need MORE times to figure out and go through roughly all the contents of the books. But, the time is already near to 10.00pm. It's about closing time. Argh, I was so frustrated. WHY this situation happen to me!!! 

So, after making some quick review on few books. I managed to grab one good book. Hopefully, this is the right one for me. 'Allah please choose the right one for me.' Whatever good from His eye, is surely good for me.

2-in-1 special edition. TWO BOOKS IN ONE is SUPER GREAT!. Gladly, I got discount too! Weeehuuu. Good book will beat my crack iphone. *Roll eye to my iphone* Hahaha. Looking forward to share some contents from this book to you guys. I found it quite interesting after reading one page. It has a LOT inspirational quotation and motivational sayings too. So.. till next time!


Saturday, September 02, 2017

Eidul Adha 2017


Alhamdulillah, today was a great day. Because it was quite long time we haven't BBQ session in our family. So today we did qurban in my mom's hometown at Melaka. One cow and one goat. So, the meat we got from korban we made satey and BBQ steaks with kampung version.

It's quite happening and we really enjoy it. I eat A LOT!! Even though this raya abah couldn't manage to back home and celebrate eidul adha with us but we try not to feeling sad and gloomy. We know if we sad, abah would sadder than us. So, we just did everything like he is with us. And I don't want my mom felt the absence of my dad, so what me and my siblings did we just teased each other and made fun of each other until my mom laugh and had no time to be alone.

We started making satey quite late because the qurban started after jumaah prayer. All the gotong royong activity began a lil bit late. But we managed to make everything with full speed of house power. Yayaya.

Presented to you.....
*drum roll *

Lamb satey. Sorry for not so quality pictures. Living without iPhone is a struggle. Hahaha. 

I had fun and enjoyed my day today. Alhamdulillahi ala kulli ni'mah. 

Thinking of the story behind eidul adha, I believe Eidul adha is not just about slaughtering cow goat or whatever. Eidul adha is beyond than that. The story of Nabi Ibrahim AS and Nabi Ismail AS is one of the greatest reminder from Allah to us. Allah taught us about the value of total submission from slaves to his/her Rabb is incredibly amazing. When they had had to do such sacrifice that out of human's normality just for the sake of Rabb, is a solid proof to how their love to Rabbi Alamein is beyond their love to human. No doubt. No hesitation. What Nabi Ibrahim AS and Nabi Ismail AS did, is something related to this ayah below.

They'd already proved to Allah, their love is not just with words and not only in mouth but also with their action.

So how are we?
How about us?
What is our proof to say that we really love Allah?
Every year, repeatedly, the same story have been told to us, aren't?
So how much and how deep the story left to us?

Haven't we slaughtered our ego and worldly attachment of dunia?
And redirect our goal and give total submission of our heart, soul and everything to the only Almighty Allah?

Time to ponder..


Friday, September 01, 2017

Another LCD screen break

Fuh... knowing that you are now unemployed and waiting for scholarship money to get into your bank account.. is such a loooonnnggg road to walk through.. the struggle is extremely real, dude!

Let me tell you, being an iphone user sometime test you a lot! Why? When you break your screen, the money you have to pay to fix the screen is like you can buy new android phone. Especially, if the iphone is 6s series and above. And can you imagine, I already broke my iphone screen two times in a year! Duhh!

And the struggle is, when I make resolution early of this year, I wont ever ask my parent's money for my personal thing, if I want to buy something out of my needs I have to find the money by my own self or do some savings, but then the intention of making that resolution is being tested throughout the journey T__T

Being independent is not easy. Managing the money is kinda tough too! Nowadays, I have a small note book to record my money in and out of my pocket. I have to do that because I have to know where my money go and how well I spend and manage my money. Being an adult is so tiring and troublesome sometime because you have to organize your life, you have to think a lot before making decision, you have to look forward and know what the risk if you're taking certain decision. And you have to make money for living too. Sobs. *Head down on table*

Am I ready for all of these?

I had come across to this one quote recently, growing older is mandatory but growing up is choice. Maybe some 'real' adult will think I am just 22, nothing to worry about life, I just need to enjoy my young age now. Some people choose not to think what kind of future they would like to live, they don't want to worry about the future. But, for me I choose to think and plan what future I want to live in but at the same time I choose not to worry about it. Because I believe, Allah had written all along my journey since I was born until the day I die, all rizks and blessings. He surely has already made for me.

The thing is how I'm supposed to find His blessing and work toward it.

Back to my LCD screen story, to be honest, I was quite frustrated at first when I faced this problem again. But, after few days, I must admit, from this problem I found a lil blessing.


When I disconnect my life with social media life, I lessen my time for internet. So I spent my time to going out to find some peace outside, I saw physically real people with my own eyes in park and I do physical activities. I saw children running here and there, jumping up and down, laughing out loud with no worries appearing in their face. Yeah, its not that bad living without phone. *smile*

I now appreciate my time living limited time with phone. I will survive another few weeks with this condition. Let see what will happen and how my life will be.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sign-up and get RM15 up to RM2500 per day

Hi you guys, I would like to offer you guys to get RM15 (maybe up to RM2500)
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Monday, August 28, 2017

Offer me a job

Tomorrow will be my last day practical. After that, I will be free for two weeks before my new semester starts. I am thinking it will be good if I can make some money and gain another experience during these free days. So, I want to offer to people out there who needs help or want to use my service temporarily. Please.. Please.. Please.. let me know and contact me..

What I am good at

  1. Keying data
  2. Writing
  3. Using Microsoft word and excel
  4. Editing Video
  5. Designing banner, logo, poster etc (we can discuss)
  6. Babysitting (last option)

 Okey, why you have to use my service?

  1. You can pay me at any rate (seikhlas hati)
  2. I will complete the task as soon as possible (insyaAllah)
  3. I can do online and offline
How to approach me?
       email me at (

I want to open just few slots so that I can focus and learn thoroughly. Please.. Please.. Offer me some job!

I need money for my travel savings and I need your money to grow my potential ;p

Image result for clean desk minimalist

With hope,

Monday, August 28, 2017

Officially serious blogger


I would like to announce, this blog domain/link (diary-from-heaven) will be terminated soon. Ops! No no. I am not saying I will stop writing or blogging. But I will change this blog url to another domain. It would be the serious one. Hehehe. Please catch up me at

Hope to see you guys in this new domain and new journey.

Related image

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Are you worried?- Sis Aida Azlin

I climbed up my bed at 10.00pm but I still wide awake up until now. It's 2.00 am already! I can't sleep. I didn't take nap since morning but I don't know how my brain and my body can still working at this moment.

So, I just wanna take few minutes to post something good here (while waiting my brain decides to rest).

Yesterday morning (since now is 2.00 am, it's already a new day), my facebook friend shared one video on her timeline. I found its quite interesting and inspiring video. It is a vlog. The vlogger is a lady. She is from singapore. 

After watched the video, I went to her facebook page and found her others videos. Then, I unintentionally watched about four vlogs straight! I was amazed by the way she interpreted, related and discussed the topic she brought up in her vlog.

Unfortunately, I had another thing to do, I couldn't manage to watch all. Sobs. InsyaAllah, I am looking forward to watch another vlog and her upcoming vlog soon. Hopefully can manage to watch it when I have free time.

In her vlog, she mostly talk about self motivation, islamic view, struggle as muslim lady and many other. I like the way she brought the issue and express it with her point of view. I like the open session she holds with other ladies to share their journey among them. I like the way she tadabbur the verse of Quran in her vlog. Ah, she already stole my heart with her humble message.

If I have a chance, I want to join her open session with other inspiring ladies.

Oh, I forgot to tell who is the amazing lady, she is Aida Azlin. You can search her facebook page and watch her vlog. Trust me, you gonna fall in love with her. She is amused.

One of the sharing I remember from her vlog, she talked about worrying. She had to go back to morroco and she said she started to worry because of being away from the people she love is a struggle. So, one of her friend gave some inspiring motivation and the truth of being far away from our comfort zone; family, friends, home and anything. It is tough and struggling. But somehow, she found the reliance between her and Allah became stronger.

In the same vlog, she reminded that Allah already said and promised, He will test us in our daily life (Q2:155) And she added despite of every difficulty we might face, Allah also has promised us three things:

1) He would not test us beyound our capabilities (Q2:286)
2) Every difficulty comes with ease, not after, not before but alongside. So lets just look after the ease.(Q94:6)
3)Whatever happens to us it is always always for the best (Q2:216)

This vlog really give me a heartwarming feeling. I need this reminder everyday. It is not easy to practise Islam in this challenging century. We need supportive system and people who can keep giving advise to each other and remind ourselves the purpose of life.

So, if you want to watch the full video, you can find out on her facebook page. I can't upload here because I update this post using my phone. So, I just leave the link below so that you can be inspired and motivated like me. Hehehe.

[Are you worried]

That's all. Its already 3.00 am. I just plan to take few minutes but it turn out to be an hour. Hahaha. Good night people! Not really night la.


Self reminder: Don't drink coffee before sleep!

Friday, August 25, 2017

ZSR's birthday

So I barely talk about my close friend here, not because I don't have one but I don't really like to share my real life to other. As you might noticed (I think no one would notice), most of the thing I posted here is all about my heavy feeling, my crumble thought, my wandered mind. Everything is from what I think and what I feel. 

Not so much about activities I did with the person around me. I do like capture moments and reminisced old memories but I am not sure, it is something good to post it here. Well, I need a private life too. Making everything available in cyber make one life less unique. Just share something that benefit to other is foremost. 

I don't have intention to make the intro quite long like this, but seem I'd already done it. Nay. So back to real topic. Today is my favorite person's birthday.

I met her during my semester one at UTM. She was my aras-mate back then, and insyaAllah will be my roomate soon. We decide to live together for our final year before we move to another stage of life. We have planned so many ridiculous things to do together! And I am so excited to do those things.

We have a lot of chemistry. Even though, our background is quite different, like she is from boarding  school, she studied electrical since secondary, she has two elder sisters, two elder brothers and two younger brothers. She is matured as she grows up from quite large number of family member. She is petite and I always bully her. 

I absolutely am different from her. So to me, we are meant together and our presence is to complete each other. 

For about three years knowing her, we have gone so many ups and downs in our life but seem she is more stronger than I am. I admire her on how she handle all the trials she had faced without no one notice she was enduring the pain alone.

Being with her makes me appreciate my family member a lot. She makes me realize, whoever you are in this world, but if you can't love and respect you family, you are just nothing. Because, they are the person who knows you from the very beginning of your life and will stay as your family till the end of your life. Appreciate them.

Yeah, a lot of things, I admire about her. But today is not the only day I can share about her. Because we promise to be best friend forever so just wait our friendship stories another suitable time. Hopefully. 

For me, choose the right people to be your surrounding is important because they are the reflaction version of you. The right person who can encourage you to be someone better is the motto of friendship. In her, I found my strength and she is the one who worth to keep.

Thank you ZSR for being beautiful friend of mine. I surely gonna tell about you to my grandchildren and tell them  how ridiculous you can be. Seriously.

May Allah grants your wishes and place you at highest jannah. Don't forget about our mission to lose more weight next semester, I guess a lot of work out and diet plan we need to do. So lets hold onto each other and try our best. Hooyeeahhh.

Your future roomate,

Friday, August 25, 2017

Appreciate single moment

At the age of 22, when most of your friends are going out with their partner and having lovey dovey moment, you being you just enjoy your moment and your food without have the needs to share with other people.

Somehow it is my honest opinion. Well, being single is not bad. Despite of protecting your dignity as muslim woman, you also have a lot of time to treasure about yourself.

You have a lot of time to rearrange your life, your future planning, your schedule etc. Planning for future is a must. Somehow, when I go deeper into my life, I become clueless. The more I know myself, the more I know nothing. The more I treasure about my potential, the more I see my weakness. So, I have a lot of work to do to improve myself instead of building uncertain lovey dovey relationship.

I am not denied, we as human has the desire to love and to be loved but as the right time come and I am ready to be more serious and the right person willingly come and hand me a marry. I am surely will go for it. But for now,I don't really sure to be commited to find or to wait the right person to come into my life.

What I am thinking now, lets focus on improving ourselves and be serious to develop ourselves to be a better muslim. Knowledge, savings, serving my parents, travelling and make a lot of friends is priority. 

We have to love ourselves first before we want people to love us.