Sunday, December 25, 2016

Smell of rain


Hai, dear blog!
it's raining outside
I love the smell of rain
I feel alive and in love


study with my buddy, cik aida
tomorrow we have numerical method paper
so, please shot some du'a for me and my friends
and may Allah ease everything for us
succeed in dunya wa akhirah

till then

Friday, December 23, 2016

7 hari mencintaiku


hai dear blog!

I wanna share one of my favorite novel that I read about 4 years ago
when I was in form 5
I didn't buy the novel but I borrowed it from my friend
7 hari mencintaiku

4 years back then
I was the one who is really admire siti rosmizah's writings
she is superb and amazing!
she always make me living into
every characters she brings in her writing
and I never end reading her novel
unless I did cry at least once

7 hari mencintaiku
is quite thick novel I must say
and the thickest novel I ever read in my whole life
but well I did finish one book for one night
and of course I sacrifice my beauty sleeping just to get to know
what it is 7 hari mencintaiku
even though the next day I have biology class in the morning
hahaha honestly I can't stay focus in class
not because I felt sleepy but to be true
the characters and scenes in the novel keep rolling in my head

the characters' emotions I feel it kinda alive
hahaha.. I love khuzairi's character
His love toward Mia
is sooo charming

okey that's it
until then

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cant wait


Hai dear blog,
How are you?

sudden post and presence out of nowhere
I am good and feel quite excited
Cant wait for up coming event next year

I will tell you what it is when the time comes
though, the date is still quite long journey to go
but please do pray for everything yea

now I am in study week mood,
not really study lar
just chilling out and try to counter back everything into the place
please make a du'a for me yea
my first paper starts this 26.12.2016
then, a week gaps
after that non stop papers to face
this semester I have 5 subjects to be covered
quite tough
insyaAllah, I will try my best

for next semester, I will specify my study field
so insyaAllah, I will further my study on Biomedical Electronic Engineering

my new timetable for next semester

I have about 3 semesters before I graduate for Electrical Engineering Student
insyaAllah :-)
these 3 last semester might be the most challenging semester ever
but I hope Allah will help me to survive

okey, until then
I will update anything more here
hmm not promise but insyaAllah